Jan 19, 2010

God Bless Massachusetts!

They did it! They made "Patriot" a good word again.

Congratulations to True Americans everywhere!

Can't wait for Scott Brown to pay my bills!!!11!1!

One Senator in, 99 more to go. Let's roll. . .


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely giddy. Beside myself. Pinch me.

Ex-Dissident said...

They are chanting: Kerry, you're next at Brown's HQ.

Joan of Argghh! said...

i'm gonna personally go smack Fox News livestream if they can't fix the sound at HQ. I'm sitting here with no sound. Grrrr!!!!

jwm said...

Can't wait to hear what the ZERO is going to say.
On the other hand- yeah, I can.
wv: istate
wv is psychic


Ricky Raccoon said...

One small step for Man.
One giant leap for Massachussetts.

Hip Hip !

jwm said...

Now that's some CHANGE
and it gives me HOPE.


diamond dave said...

There may be hope and change after all. Far different than the kind that came with Obama's inauguration.