Jan 31, 2010

Gotta Be An Honorary Member of the BSBFB

There on my sidebar is a link to The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys. It is a paean to the long-lost youth of the host at Sippican Cottage, and the similar BSBFB is a haven of secret delight from a more dangerous time: a really fun time to be a boy. (Or a girl, sez I.)

JWM, over at his World Famous Blog has proven his BSBFB creds, and I think the Jaguar Project series is a wonderful side dish to the concept of kid cool. It was all about the bike before it could be all about the car. The bike was the status symbol of cool.

At a fairly young age I had to know how to fix my bike by myself, as long excursions out of my neighborhood and off to parts unknown could mean being several miles from home without a phone or way back except on foot. But I loved it. Loved the freedom of being away from the small house with the over-large family. Woods, backstreets, dirt roads, culverts, Navy base, wherever I could get those fat Schwinn tires to go without picking up a nail, that's where I was. Anywhere but home. And my bike was cool. . . for a girl. It had a radio on the front handlebars, a novelty my dad brought back from overseas. It even had an electronic, if faint, horn on it. I was happily myself on my bike, and rode the wild terrain of the suburbs with the boys and made ramps and jumped and flew and sped downhill in races. That was when we weren't tearing apart our old skates and nailing the trucks to an old 2x4.

JWM's bike pics brings it all back.

Please guys, don't ever outgrow that little kid that could see this and know why it was cool:

(click to embiggen. totally worth it.)

Be sure to scroll down at that link and catch a pic of the young man on the bike! You need to see the proportions of this thing.


Anonymous said...

I just had to see your site after reading your comments on BigGov.

It's like travelling to another world. Your mind is awesome.

I so agree with your posts and yes, fuck Walter Cronkite!! Thanks for that patriotic expletive.

Stay true to yourself,

Froth said...

Ah, the bike. I only had a Huffy or something,but remember flying over streets that then seemed wide and fluid, but now, I'm sure, are very tiny and cramped. And being out ALL DAY. AWAY.

It was bliss.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

A chopped Schwinn...you are too cool for school...I'll meet you at the falls...

I know why it was cool...I really really do.

Sweet Ride

PeggyU said...

That is most fine, Joan. :)

I had a horse. He was pretty all terrain. That's how I got around. During the summer, rode back and forth across the river to visit a friend who lived on the other side. I wish, though, that we had had mountain bikes back then! My bicycle just wasn't practical for where we lived.

julie said...

You're right about the proportions - until I saw the pic with him sitting on it, my brain insisted that it was scaled-down to kid size.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Welcome, CopperPeony! Thank you for your kind words.

jwm said...

Joan, I am honored.
Thank you.
I just got back from the first ride on my 1950 B-6 since sometime in the mid 80's. It's the flagship of the fleet. I'll have pictures up this week.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so welcome. I just appreciate opinions and thoughts that have a distinctly different flavor. There is another person I read all the time but it's not a blogging site where you can contribute. The person's name is lamecherry http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/
and that mind is also gifted. It's like a fountain that spews water at an amazing rate.

Anyways, I appreciate good writing and good minds, so you might be stuck with me.

Yeah, sometimes I am the empty vessel but I have a lot on my mind as far as the crap thats happening with this republic. So I resort to graphics and belligerence.