Jan 23, 2010

I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!

I went to the gun range today with my son and his friend, Brandon, who turned out to be an excellent teacher. My Ruger was a lotta bang for the .38 rounds, and I demurred on trying out the .357 rounds in it. I got about 50 rounds of practice in when Brandon was nice enough to loan me his Glock 9mm and 100 rounds or so, and taught me how to lean into the target and form a solid stance. Soon, I was cutting the middle out of the paper target and feeling much more comfortable.

Having been to the range a total of two times now, with three years between times, I was still a bit apprehensive during the first few minutes. Just after I settled in, someone let off a round from a .50 caliber hand gun cannon and the whole building bowed out with the concussive retort, I swear. I almost fell over as it went off less than three feet from me! Wheee! My son had to try that puppy out, and he came away after one round with the stupidest grin on his face, he couldn't stop smiling.

My only regret was not firing the Bersa, but that'll give me something to look forward to when next I can afford ammo.


julie said...

I tried one of those hand cannons last year at the range. A couple of guys were there (also right next to us) trying to use up all of their ammo before selling it, and they were happy to share the fun.

Awesome, but a tad impractical.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

The only .50 caliber I've ever popped was a rifle. If I hadn't been prone, I would've probably been hurt. A .50 cal is truly some bad bad juju. How do you like .357's? I love mine...would rather have it than a .44. .44 is too much "handgun" for me. If you have the chance, try a .45...way more knockdown and stopping power than a 9mm, although I have nothing against 9's. I sho nuff do loves me a Glock...breakdown in seconds...no tools required. They say a Glock is the Kalashnikov of handguns...and that's saying a lot.

Jean said...

Once have I been to a shooty range. rented a .22LR (yeah, try not to be too impressed) and had much fun. Even saved the targets for quite a while. 'Tis an expensive hobby/activity, however.
One reason I haven't been back.

joated said...

I've got a Redhawk in 45 mag that like to twist your wrist off if you're not careful. Can't imagine a 50 cal hand gun with modern ammo. (Black powder blunderbuses I can fathom. Heck I've got three black powder rifles in 50 cal and 54 cal. No rubber on the end of the stock, either. A couple rounds with the 54 and you're happy you have to reload after every shot just to give your shoulder a chance to catch up to you from where ever it was knocked away to.

Reminds me, I've got to find a range around here, pronto.

kim said...

I had a bit of fun with that selfsame .50 caliber hand cannon a while back. You grin like a dumbshit after shooting it, yep, but you're also thinking "WTF is that thing good for!?!" Well, chubbies, for one thing.

Glad you had a good time at the range. Go often. It's cheaper than a Wild Turley habit. Trust me.

Jeremy said...

While a 44 mag is a handfull, a 44 spcl is not. It gives you the punch of a 357 mag and the recoil of a 38.
I have a Taurus judge 45. Fun to shoot and easier to control.
In these times though, range duty is with a 22. I advocate burning a couple hundred rounds a month if possible.
Enjoy the shooting folks.

Froth said...

I've never shot a gun, but I would consider doing so at a range and probably would enjoy it. I don'tknow why I say that, only that I would like to know how.

Amazing what pops out of your inner brain at times.

Joan of Argghh! said...

But, I only have an inner brain. Do they come like belly buttons?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

WTG Joan! :^)