Jan 2, 2010

It's Always Almost Always Good To Laugh

I think they'll be laughing 40 years hence:

Lifted from neo-neocon, who like me, laughs in her sleep!


Betsy said...

Love it! "A merry heart is good medicine..."

patti said...

pwincess bwuttucup
"say man and wife"

sweet :)

dick said...

One can't watch this video without laughing out loud.
At least, I couldn't.
Thanks, Joan.

dogette said...

Oh she's adorable! I would do something like that, and I think I have. Same hysterical laugh while The Hub looks at me "that way" which makes me laugh even more. I'll wind down a bit, and then go all over again, like a lunatic. Hey, wait a minute.

Jim - PRS said...

Funny stuff, that.