Jan 30, 2010


Since we're talking Deadwood in the comments, here's a favorite snippet of the spirit that is Al "Swingen!!"

Brace yourself:

Yeah. He may not be all warm and cuddly, but you'd do better with Al Swearingen as your enemy than most Good Old Boy Republicans as your friend.

"Stand it like a man. And. . ."


pamibe said...

Love me some Al. Who knew Deadwood's resident bad boy would become its central figure around whose orbit the rest of the town would reside...?

dick said...

Never watched it. Tried a couple of times, but found it to be a bit too sugarcoated for my taste.

joated said...

haven't watched the series since I don't get SHO, but it seems at least with Al, you'd know where he stands and what he stands for.