Jan 26, 2010

Stuff You Already Know

Hillary! 2012: the fix is in. Today on NPR, for the first time in about three years, there was nothing about Obama, but several minutes on both ends of the hour about Hillary. Hillary this, there, and that. Very purposeful, professional and non-editorial. All very statesman-like Official Handling of Important Stuff. I remember when they were gassing on about Obama two years before the election. If the Left is anything, they are plodding, faithful locksteppers that get to their destination one step at a time.


Obama's call for a budget freeze is brilliant. If I understand it correctly, it takes some discretionary spending power away from the Legislators and their cronies, leaving the Executive branch free to rush to the aid of a political ally, thus holding more real power. Is that right? If so, it's a fine, tactical shot across the bow of the over-stepping Pelosi and Reid. The very fact that the Left is howling tells me that Obama will definitely double down on this. I think he still acts like he means every thing he ever said, and to underestimate his goals for our country is foolish. I heard someone today saying Obama was going to walk back some things tomorrow night, that he's seen the error of his decisions. Pffft! My money is on the dark horse named "Fat Chance."


Jesse Jackson is smarter than you. Al Sharpton is smarter than you. Every Democrat in an elected office is smarter than you. Every Democrat voter is smarter than you. Obama is smarter than you. I didn't say better, just smarter. It's true. Now tell me why.


jwm said...

Y'know- I never thought I'd say this- Why didn't the Donks go with Hillary in the first place? She would have beaten McCain, and we'd be dealing with a re-run Clinton presidency. I could've lived with that. Like choosing a bad cold over the swine flu we've got now.