Jan 25, 2010

Too Fun to Miss

Insty linked to this earlier, but if you missed it amongst the hundreds of posts, you really missed something fun:

And from the comments at Break.com: "I bet this girl's awesome martial arts and pro wrestling demo makes you completely rethink the time wasted by you and your hand most nights."


It is a rainy, crappy morning in Charleston. What else is new? I need more fun:

It's clear man!

Why am I posting this picture? Because I know you can think of a hundred blog post titles and captions to illustrate its usefulness as a visual aid. I like it and want to be able find it when I need it. Which is most days:


pamibe said...

Awesomeness!! LOL... that hand ninja rocks!

patti said...

cat wins this round

joated said...

The cat's probably saying, "Here's five good reasons for you to leave me alone! And if you don't like them, I got five more on the other paw!"

(Oh, and the hand ninja thing is pretty cool, too.)

dick said...

A millisecond after the cat and dog photo was taken the dog regained common sense and left.

jwm said...

Go kitty go!