Jan 16, 2010

Why America Is Great

Not your everyday essay about Viet Nam. Not your everyday comments, either. Go. Read.

Americans are incredibly wonderful people. I am convinced. And I am challenged to be a better citizen, patriot, and faithful steward of our Liberty.

Anyone who doesn't think America is great is simply someone with an infantile mind, a stunted sense of their tenuous place in a dangerous world. Let the reader understand.

And yet, for 35 years our Vietnamese boat people --who were forced and crammed into boats at the mercy of a merciless world-- have become a blessing to our nation and that same world. Lucky them, they didn't have any apologists or self-appointed "leaders" leading them to a poverty of spirit and mind.

Go read the incredible comments on that short essay. Do yourself a wonderful favor.


Zombyboy said...

It is a wonderful essay and the thoughtful comments make it even better.

I would disagree with one thing, though: there is some shame for all of America for abandoning our allies. Yes, it was those "elites" who made the decisions, but they never act except that they do so with the consent (and votes) or the apathy of the citizens. Either is shameful.

We face the same situation right now, as far as I'm concerned. Americans gave their consent to be governed by Obama, gave him his congressional super majority, and will pay a high cost.

We get the government that we deserve--and we conservatives deserve much of the blame for failing to convince more people that our ideas and solutions are better than the left's, for failing to run smart and charismatic conservatives for office, and for failing to turn back those GOP "elites" who so dramatically made a hash of their duties over the last decade.

And, yes, it's thoughts like this (and beautiful sentiments like those found in that comment thread) that challenge me to be a better citizen and patriot, too.

Thanks for linking it.

Yabu (POBAR) said...

I read that...I stop by the American Thinker every day.

..."It wasn't America who abandoned her allies, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to the vengeance of a ruthless enemy. It was America's elite: her politicians, diplomats, and most of all, her media that condemned them to their fate. That helicopter is an image of their failure, their treachery, and their mendacity"...

Sound familiar?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Zboy, you'll get no argument from me that the citizen base could have done more, but permit someone a few years your senior to point out that when I was growing up, the Media and Hollywood were in full startup of their revenge against McCarthy and his blacklisting of their Commie artists.

I grew up under a much stronger political influence from the Media than you can imagine by dint of the fact that 90% of Americans had no idea their media had turned coat on them. It was a subtle turning and we watched Uncle Walter every night and had no reason to suspect anything sinister, no reason to give credence to the radical Right, and even the Democrat Party used to have a patriotic streak while it still suited their purposes.

The Fourth Estate has been the control factor in each successive election, and we have the luxury now of more diverse information. We can plainly see the narrative and agenda, and call them on it. The problem is, now that it's all out in the open, they don't care. The Media is in charge and they have no problem with us knowing it.

So yeah, I'm down with the Precinct Movement, community organization, and safeguarding Liberty at home... where the enemy lives.

pamibe said...

Beautiful piece; gave me a new appreciation for our country... and goosebumps. Funny, that.

Zombyboy said...

"So yeah, I'm down with the Precinct Movement, community organization, and safeguarding Liberty at home... where the enemy lives."


It's a shame I no longer work for a company that has an office in Florida. I was looking forward to going out and having a drink with you some day.

My loss.