Jan 12, 2010

Wild Kingdom

Well, the mood in the blogosphere seems to have taken on a feral quality in the last few days with a menagerie of metaphorical meditations on The State of our Collective State. Other blogs are just named after animals. For some reason or other, it seems the Wild Kingdom is an apt metaphor for the Blogosphere.

So, like the Friday Ark's feature of cute animals and pets, I'd like to do a cover of the concept and give a link-around to blogs that have employed our more distant animal cousins for their political purposes, for diversion, or for attracting attention. Or something.

First off, we have a veritable Marlin Perkins of the Political Scene in the irascible Velocigod who provides a peerless summation of The Marsupial Class. A must-read for the aspiring political observer of The Law of Tooth and Claw. And Teat.

Next up is the unholy trinity of Two Nervous Dogs and Fetch My Flying Monkeys (who have united with famed dog-blogger, Rachel Lucas), to create the Advice Asylum. Where else can you find retro-art, perfect advice, care for beh-beys, pics of dog poo, stab lists, and social commentary than in any of these three bloggy hangouts? Plus, no one else on the Intartubes writes blog post titles like Laura at FMFM:

I used to think that we all could get along, that everyone could live in perfect harmony but then I started following the dosage directions on the Nyquil bottle

Next, but second to none is Lee Ann, former Cheesemistress, who now seems to be hunting The Baby Wolf that ran off with her good bra. If you have to ask, you don't need to follow the link. Taking the Law of Tooth and Claw all the way to India for blood and curry. No prisoners. Be sure to press the Goat Button when you visit.

Meanwhile, The Belmont Club is having a serious discussion about dogs who blog. No, really. Cats must shift for themselves, apparently.

Joanne Casey has the latest and surprisingly funny video of The Dramatic Chipmunk. It involves Japanese school girls, so, y'know. . . it's totally safe for work, ya pervs.

From the "don't know how I missed it; last one to see it" department, I see that Pam has joined the political ark by pimping the Polar Bear Bare Facts. Someone tell the school children they can stop crying, please.

Finish it all up with a sober and salient consideration of Brigid's essay on Animal Instincts. Or start there and work your way back to the top and you'll have a fine rodeo on your hands.


PeggyU said...

... and I just got caught up on my reading!

pamibe said...

You've included me in a stellar group, Joan; thanks so much! :-D

patti said...

Don'cha just love Laura? Girl's a clever, though just a little crazy, nut.

leeann said...

I love being included with the cool kids. Thank you bunches!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This fills my Attention Whore soul! Thank you!