Jan 4, 2010

Yeah, Pretty Much.

Possibly the worst work-day of the year. Best to back off the caffeine and keep pointy, stabby objects at home.


leeann said...

If only I'd had this confidence at 'Mars.
And as a side note, I covet that guy's eyebrow skills.

vw= sumuncep... some sort of swampy Egyptian ruler.

KeesKennis said...

I cannot access a video from anywhere but I hate woman with arrows on their noses, Ok

dogette said...

I know it was intentional but that guy has a gift for being annoying while talking about being annoying.

jwm said...

I'd like to upend a chilled bucket of three day old New Year's Eve party vomit on this guys head.
And then kick his ass for good measure.

JW (not cranky at all) M