Feb 12, 2010

The Holy City: Wholly Snowed In!

3-6" of snow predicted. Already an inch on the ground.

My first snowball fight! Snowflakes on the tongue! Hot cocoa with Kalua!

Film at Eleven.



Anonymous said...


This is the most snow I've ever seen here.

Jean said...

heheheh... good for you. Have a great time!

leeann said...

It speaks volumes that at the first sign of snow here I made a mental inventory of our entertainment choices in case the power went out.
At the first sign of snow here, Henry made a snowball and flung it at me.
We are going to be those first corpses they dig up after the Snowpocalypse, we obviously have zero survival skills.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, we did buy an apocalypse vehicle yesterday, so we're good in case of zombies. Mostly we were just tired of the Miatas having to paddle around in all the water and rain here. A 10-year old Escalade makes a great ghetto ride!

patti said...

Batman is wishing he was in a 10 year old Escalade right now - 7 year old BMWs were not made to swim through snow.

diamond dave said...

I heard this is one of the rare times in history that there is measurable snow on the ground in 49 of 50 states (excepting Hawaii) all at the same time, at least as of Friday.

dick said...

We got nailed from a foot of snow by the same system that got you guys.
No fun at all, but very pretty.

pamibe said...

How does Pepper dog like the funny white stuff?

Heard snow is likely again in Houston... I think someone is trying to tell us something... ;)

Holder said...

You know what my preparations for the end where? I took a nap. Then I got some wine and ice cream. And then I played the only video game I was ever good at- Dr. Mario!