Mar 9, 2010

Blog It and It Will Become Real

Speaking of spider monkeys on crack, North Carolina is receiving federal stimulus funds, i.e., your money, to study the long-term effects of cocaine on monkeys.

But, let's just say that you're the Magical President who avers that ObamaCare will save everyone money. As if just saying it makes it so, (channeling moms from the world over.) Time for an informal discussion/poll.

What will you do with all the crazy money you'll be saving with ObamaCare?
Buy a suit for interviews at those stimulus-created jobs!
Save up for a bus ticket to the Welfare Office.
Plant a Victory Garden. (google it, young people!)
Buy a paperback version of The Grapes of Wrath.
Buy a Sham-wow! to soak up all the Congressional pee that we were told was rain.
Stock up on herbal remedies.
Well, just one herb, actually.
Other. Discuss in the comments. My comments, youse guys! Not pollcode's comments. free polls


Anonymous said...

I could not vote. My selection "Buy a baby pygmy goat" was absent from the ballot.

Joan of Argghh! said...

There, I fixed it!

Suzette said...

I'm going to get an injection of bathtub caulking at a butt enhancement party in a Newark hotel room.

This is NJ - we don't wait for the world of medicine to catch up to us. We make our own opportunities.

leeann said...

I can't get a baby pygmy goat. Monkey would eat it. Or the Sea Monkeys would eat it. Or H's inbred tard relatives would eat it.
Either way, it would be goaty cutlets for dinner.

Sal said...

Actually, I started the Victory Garden right after the Inauguration, so I'm ahead of the curve.
I'll just expand it.
Today, the side yard, tomorrow, the Front!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Laura, do you really think you'll save that much? Pygmy baby goats must be expensive.

Sal, I just started mine this weekend!

Suzette, my butt would be bigger but I've got a hole in it.

Leeann, cabrito is quite tasty, actually.

dogette said...

I voted Sham WOW. Obama is like, totally in a holodeck with the hatch locked and we're pounding on the door yelling at him through the glass but he can't hear or see anything because he's immersed in his program. To Trekify this situation.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Drat! I couldn't hack the code for the vote views, the Pygmy Baby Goat will need its own vote. Hmmm. . .

Anonymous said...

OH NOES! I saw the baby goat option, went to click it and it disappeared! What kind of voting shenanigans are you pulling? You should run the voting booths for our local elections here.

P.S. I can get a baby goat cheap. Course, it'll be three legged and blind in one eye, but that's okay.

joated said...

I'll invest in precious metals. Like lead in the .45 caliber variety.

Anonymous said...

I have been back several times now looking for the "Baby Pygmy Goat" option before the poll closes. I would like to lodge a formal complaint on your ballot collection method. I demand a manual count.

Count one(1) for "Baby Pygmy Goat" here. Thank you.

LauraB said...

Alcohol and sugar, that's the ticket! When you run out of the former, the latter will do nicely.

(If you think I lie, you ought to see the 5 gal buckets lined up in the guest room.)

Of course, there's the ammunition - er - never mind.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Laura, I acknowledge your absentee vote, even if it was after the poll was closed. I learned that trick from a Chicago politician. Unfortunately, I could hack the poll code to show baby pygmy goat, but not the view code.

But either way, I got your goat!

Joan of Argghh! said...

LauraB, I like your plan. I like it a lot!

jwm said...

I'm going to put in for a grant. I want to study the effects of good weed on grant recipients.

Oh, and the long term effects of cocaine on monkeys? It makes them vote democrat.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh great! You've just rendered all my tax money moot. Why didn't NC just ask you, jwm?

How's the bike coming?

jwm said...

Thanks for asking, Joan. I'm working on the '56 Starlet for my wife. The rims are re-spoked with the new coaster brake three-speed for the rear. I just got the re-upholstered seat back from a guy in San Diego, and the old style hardware for the shifter just arrived from a guy in Kansas. (the internet is just so cool!) New tires, New tubes- It's all ready to be reassembled. Now, if Saturday would just get here...