Mar 17, 2010

A Bookmark From November 2008

Seems a long time ago, doesn't it?

I present this bookmark to you today in order that you may read the comments on the particular post about Valerie Jarrett, just after Obama's election.

Oh yes, you must simply go back less than two years to get the full impact of the powers of redirect that this President has at his command. Or just to re-certify the complete idiocy of our so-called intelligent betters:

Most of Obama's appointments are NOT Muslim. Most are Jewish or have some ties to Jews (like helping secure a pardon for Marc Rich, etc.). If anyone was the least bit afraid that Obama would serve Muslim interests in office, they should rest easy. Clearly, Obama will serve Jewish ones.

I'd tell you what he's doing while we're all het up about Health Care, but I'm tired of being ahead of the curve-- there's no future in it. Heh.


Mad William Flint said...

"being ahead of the curve-- there's no future in it. Heh."

TELL me about it. :p

jwm said...

That he would send that idiot schmuck Biden to Israel is an insult to begin with. And The Hildebeast getting pissy because Israel wants to build apartments in a Jewish neighborhood is beyond disgusting. Yeah the Bumone and his shitty little anti-Semitic posse. Kiss Arab ass while...

OK that's it. I'm signing off.


PeggyU said...

How did I miss that? I had no idea of her background. I thought she was a black woman from Chicago ... somewhere I read that she was black, and I thought, "Well, it's kind of hard to tell, but if you say so ..." Iranian, then. Ok. Is she Muslim? I tried to read the rest of the article, but it is gone.