Mar 24, 2010

Meet Phil Ruse

Hi Phil!

He has a blog. It's quite nice. Heck, Phil's way too nice. I've been sporting about with his feelings, mistaking him for a wankery troll from across the pond but the deuce of the thing is, I think he's wonderfully sincere and fun-hearted. I mean, c'mon, just look at how adorable he is:

Too many American blogs and hearts are soul sick right now and Phil's place seems a most pleasant little respite from your own sad, sick life. He likes wine, women and song. And cheesecake. Can't be all bad. I think he needs to meet more people. He's a "kind of software developer" and we all know what that means.

So go enjoy Phil's blog and welcome him to the rough-house of Argghh's Pirate Palapa. If he thinks I'm a pisser he really needs to meet Dogette, LeeAnn, Froth, Laura and Daphne. He'll see I'm a harmless little fuzzball. I should have been a bit more genteel with him, I suppose, but he took it like a man and held himself above the fray. He must die. I mean, he must be high.

Click him hard!

Oh wait, how do they say it? Go 'round and knock him up.


leeann said...

I can't be knocking anyone up without checking to see if my insurance will cover it. Likely not.
Thanks for including me in the Pisser Patrol. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

The fun of all this is that Phil's asleep right now. He can't hear us talk about him. Heh.

Of course, he could be carousing with three or four of the things he likes best, but it's only Wednesday night, fer cripes n'all.

Froth said...

I'm so into being in the pisser patrol,too! I'm honored beyond recognition.
Or something. Yeah.

Phil said...

Is this an example of that 'shock and awe' I keep hearing about? I am flattered; that anyone could think me capable of carousing on a weekday is a huge boost. I look forward to plenty of misunderstanding in the future :)

Sal said...

Yup- he's adorable.
Joan finds the good ones...

(Joan- just to say your neice hasn't been forgotten in all the turmoil of last week. Prayers continue.)

wv: salipsul I -what?

mushroom said...

As a "kind of software developer" myself, I don't think that automatically means "chick anti-matter". I will admit that many of my fellow developers are a bit charisma-challenged.

I always did OK myself -- until I got married.

dogette said...

Member of Pisser Patrol is going on my resume at once. Cool.

I clicked over there and my brain kinda went whaaaaaaa? so I left but I will try again. Phil was asleep then anyway.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Don't worry, Dogette, your brain's reaction is perfectly normal. Because Phil is perfectly normal, of course.

Which is why he needs us.

Joan of Argghh! said...

'shroom, women will ever keep men in the dark and feed them bullshit. It's a perfect environment for mushrooms.