Mar 22, 2010

My Census Form States Plainly:

It is the purpose of the Census to count every person. . .Please fill out the form. . . and return it. . .

I circled the word "count" and told them the number of Americans living at this address. By their own introduction on the form they outline what their Constitutional duty is, and I complied with that. They cite no other law to support the myriad of racist questions they asked.

By the way, that's the only questions they asked on the short form. How many and what color. Race-mongering social engineers.

They're going to have to cite chapter and verse beyond "count" before I give these vampires another drop of information.

I know, I know. Fear will keep you all compliant, and thus we turn down the covers and sleep one more night, merely thankful that our own blood won't be shed for Liberty.

Not yet. Not tonight. Some other day. Maybe our children will have to fight, but thank God we can just get by another day without hassle.

Don't make me quote that damn hippie Kristofferson people, because Freedom really is more than just nothing left to lose.

But having nothing left to lose seems to be what it will take.


kdzu said...

Perhaps we have nothing more to lose, but we have everything to gain. I'm too old and broke for fear. I've been shot at before.

C.T. Lostaglia said...

I did the exact same thing. The only marking on my census form is how many people live in my house. I was thinking of understating it drastically, since I live in an area that will never vote like me ever again...but I exhibited some rare and surprising self-control.

pamibe said...

I filled in our names and that we are Americans and sent the crap back.

...and received yet another piece (3rd) of paper in the mail today reminding me that filling out the census "is the LAW".

What the heck is wrong with these people?

Anonymous said...

...and received yet another piece (3rd) of paper in the mail today reminding me that filling out the census "is the LAW".

I'm collecting those as they come in the mail and from school, and will mail them back to the Census Bureau marked ATTN: Dept of Redundancy Dept

PeggyU said...

I honestly think we misplaced the damned thing! Not even kidding. It may have accidentally gone into the paper recycling bin. Can't find it.

Daphne said...

Mines been sitting on the counter for a week now and I'm not feeling too inclined to fill it out.

I was seriously non-plussed by the focus of race on the form. That's all they seem to care about.

Doesn't it strike you as odd that the government is so blindly focused on what color we are?

I swear I'm going to start wearing a tinfoil hat soon, these bastards are making crazy.

Anonymous said...

I filled my census out as required by law and statute. They learned how many people live in my home. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Title 13--Census
Chapter 1--Administration
Subchapter 1--General Provisions

Sec.6--Information from OTHER Federal departments and agencies; aquisition of reports from OTHER gonvernmental and private sources

a) yada yada

b) yada yada

c) To the MAXIMUM extent possible and consistent with the kind, timeliness, quality and scope of the statistics required, the Secretary SHALL ACQUIRE and use information available from ANY source referred to in subsection (a) or (b) of this section INSTEAD of CONDUCTING DIRECT INQUIRIES.

That's my out. And I have a dozen copys of it hanging on my bulliten board right next to my front door with the "GET A WARRENT" door mat.

Joan of Argghh! said...

The directives and powers of "guessing" given to the Census workers gives them power to assume the race and makeup of a household if the occupants are not cooperative or easily available for a face-to-face.

In other words, they want to eyeball the non-compliant and guess our racial/ethnic makeup. Even if it means merely peeking in the window or doorway. Seriously.

If they happen to catch me at home, I will speak only Spanish, and insist that I am German.

Let them eat their own shit.

GM Roper said...

BRAVO I took another tack... when they asked anything about race (I got the long form) I said "American" and all other questions went unanswered except for counting the bride and I. (kid is grown and has to count her own family - she got the long form also and is calling herself "American."

Ed Rasimus said...

I posted on ThunderTales on the topic about two weeks ago:

The directive in the Constitution is that the census be taken "in whatever manner they shall by law direct." Since the very first enumeration there have been extraneous questions included in the manner that they directed.

Penalty is not great, but recognize that resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.