Mar 21, 2010

Palestine In Our Midst

Because Jesse Jackson wouldn't have it any other way. The endlessly aggrieved race monger finds his cue. And like Arafat, he knows his audience and he knows the rewards for his efforts. None of them will reach his followers, lest they be enriched and unburdened and he lose a useful weapon in his race-baiting arsenal.

Reckless, reckless lies will get him his heart's desire. Why not? It's working for Nancy Pelosi and Obama. Civil war, Jesse? Only if you want it.

His lies are a hate crime.


PeggyU said...

Gee, what a nice man. Just as nice as Reverend Al, who was disappointed that Tiger Woods didn't include a black woman in his bevy of hos. I wonder what it's like to be completely devoid of a conscience, unburdened by any kind of scruples?

pamibe said...

I'd bet almost everything I own that he's lying through his teeth.

His lies are a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

"He adds that he will stay at the Capitol to "watch history.""

Perhaps that is where he will end his days, Joan. The rest of us have work to do. ~Jimmy

dogette said...

Oh Gawd, I don't even have to go read to know that if Jesse is talking, he's poverty-pimping or race-baiting again. So tiresome. He needs to get the hell over himself, the glib buffoon.

jwm said...

I Own The World has the video. Shocking.
wv: undies