Mar 15, 2010

Seasons of the Soul

I'm fine.

Politics suck. Blogging sucks.

Others need me right now.

Those inclined to pray, prayers for my niece, M____, would be appreciated more than I can express. And no fuckin' wimpy prayers, either. If you can storm Heaven and wrest a blessing out of the hand of Michael himself, that might be a start and you'll have my eternal thanks. Here's a primer:

St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle
Be our protection against the wickedness
and snares of the devil;
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and thou, O Prince of heavenly host,
by the power of God,
Thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits
who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.

I may play around here in my blog, but when those I love are in mental pain and torment, my Patron Saint rouses me to my prayers and rebukes my inattentive faith. I am poor and needy and don't have enough to offer the guest of my heart, my niece. So I will hound you, my blog neighbor to give me some Bread of Life to sustain her in this extreme trial.

I'm overcome with grief and concern. I am stupid and worthless in my devotions and supplications. Out of practice and shamed.



WWWebb said...

We are all God's cracked vessels, ma'am. And the faith we practice, is, by definition, imperfect. Which makes it all the more precious to Him.

I will pray for your niece.

PeggyU said...

Will pray ... but if it is a health issue, is there a donation account set up somewhere?

f/zero said...

I know the din prayer makes, having been on the receiving end. I'll do my little part of paying it forward.

wv: xncede. Sounds like a direct command to me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, guys. No, she's the very picture of health and vitality, youth and beauty, but has fractured into two or three personalities. I have seen this coming since her childhood and should have been more diligent in prayer. She's all of 3,000 miles away.

Her husband and children especially need prayer. Her back story is something out of a horror novel that spans three continents, her husband is someone out of a fairy tale; a heroic knight.

But earthly love won't heal what unearthly evil hurt.

I mostly avoid the topic of my life and backstory and will go right back to that bland and comfortable drama-deficient state when I return. But there is no pride in this plea, if it means even one more prayer.

diamond dave said...

No prob. My prayers for your niece and for those that love and care for her (yourself included)will be able to help her make herself whole again.

leeann said...

Sending thoughts of support to you and the niece.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I'm throwing some Good Good Juju your way...lots of it.

patti said...

Sorry for your pain and hers - prayers already winging their way heavenward...

Jean said...

Strong thoughts and much love to M and all who love her.

The Maximum Leader said...

I'll offer up my measley supplications.

pamibe said...

Prayers, and plenty of them, are going out for M!

Omnibus Driver said...

Prayers, and lots of 'em, coming right up -- for M, her family, and for you.

jwm said...

My prayers are with your niece, and with you, my friend. One more battle in the eternal war with stan. If prayer be a sword, I'll pray that yours is sharp.

wv: araugh

John M

CGHill said...

"But earthly love won't heal what unearthly evil hurt."

All the more reason to invoke a source of Higher Love, then.

That the two or three may again become one, we beseech thee, O Lord.

Mrs. Who said...

Creator Spirit, come and visit the souls that are Yours:
fill with heavenly grace the hearts that You created.

You are called by the names of Paraclete,
gift of God most high, spring of life,
fire, love and the soul's anointing.

Seven gifts are Yours to give.
You are the finger of the Father's right hand.
You, the clear promise of the Father,
give men's tongues the grace of speech.

Kindle a light in our minds,
pour love into our hearts
and uphold with Your unfailing strength
the frailty of our human nature.

Drive our enemy far from us
and give us always the gift of peace;
so may it be that,
with Your grace ever guiding us in this way,
we may avoid all that is sinful.

Grant that through You
we may know the Father and the Son,
and may we ever believe You
to be the Spirit of both
the Father and the Son.

Glory be to God the Father,
and to the Son,
who rose from the dead,
and to the Paraclete
for ever and ever.


May God be with your niece and with her family.

Sal said...

You've got them, for them and yourself.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks again to all. It means so much. And I am heartened as well to work with a bunch of folks who understand the power of prayer.

All I know is that she checked herself into psych care, but in her State (WA) she can check herself out, no matter if she is a danger to herself. And she is, at this point. My poor half-namesake! for indeed she is named after me and my sister.

dogette said...

Sorry to hear this news. Thinking the good thoughts.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

You're right, Joan, WA is a horrible state for consistent mental healthcare, especially for those who need inpatient care.

Prayers on the way, Joan.