Mar 25, 2010

Things That Didn't Suck Today:

Son Chef made us a mean, spicy batch of Thai Red Curry. It burns us, precious! Yum.

From The Conservatives Who Say Fuck: Dave C's well-reasoned response to Steny Hoyer( a name that sounds like a medical procedure)'s pussified whining about the visceral reaction to the redistribution of wealth. Yes. There is potty-mouth abundant throughout. Kinda like this post.

The caller on Rush today who noted wryly that our Vice President was only two-thirds correct in calling PelosiCare a "Big Fuckin' Deal" as it seems it's merely a "Big Fuckin."

Andrew Breitbart's offer of $10k for any videotaped evidence of the alleged racial slurs heard by the delicate delegates of the monochromatic Black Caucus. Note to the GOP: that's how you do it. That's how you spend money and support your base, your ideals, your future. You put money on the street and make it work for Truth. Not unlike I said in November of 2008, our military knows more about winning hearts and minds and more about social networking than the GOP. It takes money on the streets. Just beautiful, Andrew!

More please. . .


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

That certainly doesn't suck.
That is a brilliant move by Breitbart!
Take notes, GOP. There will be a test.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ben! Your internets are working again! Huzzah!

patti said...

Yea Breitbart! I loves me some Breitbart!

Dave C said...

Thanks for the link