Mar 6, 2010

The worst bit about Statism and Socialism?

All the jokes will be about the government. Well, they already are, pretty much.

However, the coming blandness of our national scene will allow only for the artistic sensation that is contrived by the Official Entertainment Diktat otherwise known as Hollywood. Alien love child michael jackson hobbit serial killers from Las Vegas or some such. We shall look to the Enquirer for our daily bread.

Even sports will not be spared. College or pro. Roundball or Football. And wherewith the XGames? Will they be banned as dangerous and costly to Health Care?

Irony, that last bastion of intellect that separates us from the uncivilized, will disappear as well because we will be swimming in the vast sea of it, breathing it like the very air until we are dulled to its presence.

The only bright spot will be that we can really filter our cynicism into a fine vintage that galls the soul and numbs the senses. We'll have to clamor for less restrictions on alcohol and weed, like in Cuba, so that we may better subject our sleeping will to the Wons who would rule us.



Doux said...

Thank you, I think, for triggering the Divine Comedyesque memories of all the nightmarish time spent in Strasbourg, Brussels and points North, South, East and West of those two heinous metropolis'. The mantra then was, "What's wrong with these people?" K-2 irony? Duty train from West Germany to West Berlin then waltzing across Check Point Charlie, circa 1982. No soul, no humanity - we'll be sorry. Feh? About right. :~/