Apr 23, 2010

Apparently, There Is a Clinic For Rabies

Just around the corner from my place is a school that is teaching rabies. This is where your tax dollars are going if you live in Charleston. I'm just not sure if it's supposed to cure you of them, teach you about living with rabies, or what. In fact, it sounds like it could be a blogmeet:

It seems that Charleston's big concerns are sunken home foundations and rabies and I'm wondering who in their right mind 400 years ago thought building a city on a swamp was a good idea. But rabies clinics are everywhere. Took Pepper Dog to the beach a couple of weeks ago and as she was due for her shots, we stopped in at the little fire station and the next thing the old girl knew she was getting gigged like a frog. She was all, WTF was that?? I thought we were going for a walk!! But she's apparently safe from the rampant rabies around here.

I just swallowed a gnat. Ack!

(I'm posting this in "new world order" for when the google-bots come scraping my blog. That should make the ol' bot scratch his ass in confusion. I'm a wicked Interwebs-ninja I am!)


PeggyU said...

Gnats are so much better than moths. My friend Kathy swallowed one when we were out running one time, and damn near choked on it. They should make bug screens for runners.

Jean said...

and, I see the clinics are very reasonably priced.


CGHill said...

Remind me to ask the lovely Laura if this same situation prevails a hundred miles up I-26.