Apr 26, 2010

Boobquake! And a Poll!

Leslie reminded me by way of posting her rockin' rack, so here ya go, ya crazy-ass Mullahs:

Which song best typifies evil women and their effects on meteorlogical phenomena?
I Feel the Earth Move
They Call the Wind Mariah
Good Vibrations
Heat Wave
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
No Frank Zappa songs, please. . .
Idiot Wind
Other (comment below)
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(I don't think Good Vibrations qualifies in this category but Beach Boys, Summer, and bikini weather would qualify as evil for the mullahs. I know, it's hard to even try to think like that, but there's the problem.)


Omnibus Driver said...

'Tis a thing of beauty, it is!

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Nice Guitar...

sheri said...

I missed the whole BoobQuake story completely. I saw references to it in the Twitter stream, sure, but I shrugged it off with, "Oh those poor people" and made a donation to Red Cross. I really should start following the news again, I guess.

diamond dave said...

For some reason, I started thinking of the old Jello commercials. "Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle..."