Apr 28, 2010

Furthermore: [Important Update: Puerto Rican Statehood Vote!]

In the Just Because You're Paranoid department we might do well to consider what Obama's next target for a crisis is. He and Dodd and Frank have brought down the economy with a Freddie and Fannie manufactured crisis exacerbated by the demands of so-called "housing rights" agitators, and community organizers.

Apparently our Health Care system is in shambles but he could only scare up some small personal tragedies on that score. The H1N1 just never delivered as they hoped so they just had to muscle that one across the line. I see where "officials" are telling people with AIDS that it's okay to not tell their partner. I guess that's the next angle, along with an extreme crisis of care for the elderly during hoped-for power outages as our grid gets hacked by the Chinese.

More, please?

We all know that he's a big enemy of coal and domestic oil and now, two horrible and conveniently tragic coincidences for our Administration to exploit as another good crisis or two. I don't really think he had anything to do with Elya the Volcano either, but what's your point? As long as his plane isn't grounded, it's all good.

So what next? Jobs! Obama hates non-union labor that he can't get money from. He's letting the numbers slide quietly until the right time to announce allow a job crisis. As jobs become more and more scarce, he knows that unions will gain power. Employers will have an increasingly talented pool of available candidates to choose from, and we can't have that. Union lawsuits are the only assurance for the dilettantes who want more money for less performance. Immigration reform is still on the agenda, but I think they've tabled it as unnecessary for 2010 but vital for 2012. So don't get cocky. [UPDATE: Oh. Puerto Rican Statehood vote this week! Ha!]

(Oh, and if I were an illegal in Arizona, would I return to Mexico out of fear, or head to more friendly states? Looking at you, Oregon! I lived in the thick of Mexico City for almost 5 years and I can posit that those moving north are not so much seeking work as they are seeking better handouts. Very few have a dream of freedom anymore as the newest generations have only known Socialism and corruption as a way of being governed. What is happening to us must seem very familiar to them. And no one knows how to organize a community and a march on Power like the Mexicans. They perfected the permanent institutional revolution, PRI. Feh. Their brave heritage has been swallowed up by the graft, drugs and corruption of its government officials and community organizers.)

But for the icing on the cake--or the chilling of the veins in this case--you must go to Glenn Beck. Front page news stuff. Seriously, seriously corrupt, evil, and arrogant.

Happy Wednesday!


patti said...

The Puerto Rico thing chills me to the bone and there seems to be not a damned thing we can do to stop it.