Apr 19, 2010

Going For the Big Picture at Boston.com

I read and read all day, but the Internet as a news source can be a mite stingy with pictures. And when it does have some, they are bound up in gak-filled scripts of page-loading madness and slideshows.

A guy at work put me wise to the Holy Grail of news-junkie photo-journalism. Boston.com's Big Picture site. Teach yourself how to move around on the archives/category menus and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Do not doubt me, dear reader. Go and see for yourself. And then come back here, dammit, and thank me for my munificent kindness. You're lucky I even let you read my blog.


f/zero said...

I think I just uttered "Holy Crap" about three hundred times.

Anonymous said...

"You're lucky I even let you read my blog."

Indeed, Joan. But I have a habit of being lucky! ~Jimmy