Apr 22, 2010

"It's over. We're Here. It's over."

I had a fine lather of outrage worked up this morning but I've pulled back from full-on vent. Still, I'll wager that you are possibly unaware that 120 Muslim "tourists" fully prepared and coordinated with walkie talkies invaded a Catholic Church in Andalusia during the Good Friday service, and attempted to "pray" during the service.

And by "pray" I mean, get down on their hands and knees and face toward Mecca and loudly "claim" the ground they were on. And they stabbed the security police who attempted to dislodge them.

If you read the NYT you would get an entirely different story. One that conveniently leaves off at historical convenience, and deliberately paints a narrative more to their liking.

If, like me, you have a smattering of reading and history at your command concerning Islam you'd likely believe that you really don't need to read one more thing about it. There's plenty of Internet Lore to pick up the general idea. But there's nothing more surprising and pertinent to today's news than Winds of Jihad's [Correction: originally from Jihad Watch. -ed] thorough background of the attack. Settle in for a definitive, brilliant, and sober look at what you may not know about the ideology of Islam, or the New York Times for that matter . . . and what the so-called paper of record is teaching your political leaders. It is seriously well-written and captivating. Historical background can never be exhaustive, but WoJ's essay takes great pains to bring a well-rounded citation of historical fact to bear on its report. You will never regret taking 2o minutes to read it.

And it's far less emotional than Glenn Beck.

On the bright side, it is an excellent indictment of the New York Times and should serve to take your mind off of Wall Street.

Caution: Still want to have warm fuzzies about Islam? I suggest you do not scroll around in that site because Sheik Yer'Mami does not hold back from posting pictures and proof of the violent heritage of Islam.


Anonymous said...

They can get off my planet. ~Jimmy

PeggyU said...

I think instead of calling them Muslims, terrorists, or jihadists, that a better term might be Islamic supremacists. "Supremacist" makes people squeamish, as it should.

sheri said...

I call them nutbags. No warm fuzzies here, not since 9-11. And yeah I do still think about 9-11 as we go around pretending it's 9-10 in our haze of hopey-changey-pooh. Sorry I couldn't contribute a more intelligent comment but I don't even like to waste my typing on those psychotics.

Mizz E said...

Joan, Thanks for spotlighting this essay. The writer of it,
Hugh Fitzgerald, deserves a Pulitzer.

Another item of interest is the recent capitulation to Islam by the creators of 'South Park'. In other words, Shut up about Muhammad, and everything will be fine -- or at least Islamic.