Apr 9, 2010

Philanthropy's Adverse Affect

A hundred years ago, when foreign aid was unthought-of (except as a tribute or bribe), we were a respected and admired country. After a century of philanthropy, everyone hates our guts.

-P. J. O'Rourke

Hmmm. . . we need to consider how to use such a tactic to make the Democrats Socialists despised by those to whom they would most like to distribute our wealth.

h/t The Sanity Inspector


patti said...


Francis W. Porretto said...

"No one admits publicly, and hence public opinion does not admit, that ingratitude is the norm. It is astounding that countless benefactors allow themselves to be persuaded over and over that ingratitude with the resultant hatred is a rare and special case."

-- Helumt Schoeck, Envy: A Theory of Social Behaviour

This is as true of "philanthropy" among the nations as it is among individuals.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

In most cases we're just feedin' their envy.

ZZMike said...

There's probably a lesson here, but I can't figure it out just yet.

It seems to have something to do with the old doctor joke:

"Doc, it hurts when I do this."

"Don't do that".