Apr 11, 2010

R.I.P. The Coroner of Munchkinville, Meinhart Raabe

I've been too busy to check the entry pages of this useless blog until now to notice a most unwelcome increase in a particular bit of Internet traffic.

Meinhart Raabe was 94 years old when he passed away in Orange Park, FL. The J.R. was acquainted with him by way of business and I spoke with him but once, mistaking his high voice for that of "Mrs. Raabe" to my shame.

I never knew that Mr. Raabe had also enjoyed the fun of driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile about the country for 30 years. A long and not unpleasant life was Meinhart's lot, fortunate more than most.

He'll be most sincerely missed.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Godspeed Mr. Raabe and god bless.

PeggyU said...

That is a respectable age, 94! I was surprised when I read that, since I thought everyone involved with The Wizard of Oz had passed on, part of another place and time.

ZZMike said...

According to the obit, he went on to get a B.A. and an MBA.