Apr 1, 2010

So, Whaddaya Wanna Know?

You wanna know why this blog totally sucks right now? Well I'll tell you what: everybody's blog sucks right now.

Except yours, of course.

It's the misery and ennui of Winter giving way to Spring, which should make us all chipper but the pollen is about to kill off the weaker members of the blogosphere and make the rest of us just want to be outside. Anything but stay indoors.

Oh, and Obamacare. Definitely damaging the calm.

For me, it's been an old George MacDonald book to read indoors since the pollen is killing me, and now of course, Captain Hardberger's book will make for a weekend retreat into some other world. Then I have a garden to kill, a niece to pray for, a long-lost nephew reappearing into my life after 25 years, a house full of the newlyweds' fun young friends last Sunday night-- who ate and drank us out of house and home and I can't wait for them to visit again. Bonus: one of the new friends has parents who own a hugemongous skeet range. Can you say Zombie Apocalypse Fallback Plan? I know you can!!

Decongestants talking now, pretty sure. . . so I'm gonna regroup with another Cuba Libre and post this picture just to remind everyone from whence comes Obama's oil industry acumen:


Mad William Flint said...

Funny thing with me is I generally am only moved to write when I'm frustrated or pissed off. I'd rather it not be so, but... meh.

As for politics? It's really just ground me under.

Jim - PRS said...

I can deal with the allergies that clog up my ears, but the statist egomaniac in the White House and the "journalists" who happily lap up his spittle and regurgitate it as "news" have leveled me.

Francis W. Porretto said...

I have only one question: Lilith or Phantastes?

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Shooting skeet is good for the soul...been doing it since my young .410 days.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, my son is quite eager for me to learn to use the 12-gauge. Maybe for my birfday!