Apr 2, 2010

State-Controlled Political Pornography: Updated with More Proof Than Necessary

Free Speech. Our old Media actually never allowed it. In their unveiled incarnation as our State-Run Media, they still might quash it.

Indeed, the strength of the Blogosphere and its attendant Tea Party movement is that while our betters are doing their best to retain their patrimonial hold on public information and Truth, the children born of the Internet have raced to pull the political porn right off the library shelves. They have sneaked off to their rooms to pound their laptops and keyboards for even more information, and some sense of relief.

Hey, what you lawfully do in your home office is none of my business.

And look, the sexual connotations of "teabagger" didn't start with the Right, and I'm bygawd never going to waste political energy on the defense of meaning. Jeff G. has those bases covered nicely and that sort of wonkish work will uphold the shining Truth for the epitaph of our country-- for the historians who'll eulogize Civilization.

So today we have Dr. Helen discussing the healthy nature of pornography, tepidly touting that it's possibly quite normal and that efforts to control it may be seen as a move to control men's sexuality. She's quite the champion of men's rights and on that level I find a parallel with political speech that is in jeopardy today.

I would submit that it's all of a part: The efforts to malign the Tea Party members with a pornographic insult is strictly used by our detractors to control its natural, healthy expression.

See what I did there? I'm not going to get into a morality play about pornography or get all het up with the stinging injustice or plain meanness of such a tactic. No, I'm your huckleberry for this fight. Bring that sort of nasty tactic and I'll up the ante:

Our moral betters, the Media
, want to keep the children of Liberty out of the discussion. They know that if we discover the truth about the dirty deals, blackmail, extortion, prostitution, and downright perversion of their bought-and-paid-for political practices we would become dispirited. Our attitude toward them would change. We would no longer be pliant and gullible about where political babies and parasites come from.

Mr. Obama wants us to tone it down, lest the children overhear what's being said.

The Media swears that all this free expression is really a malignant perversion just waiting to manifest itself in some violent and tragic commission of a crime, like those who would seek some connection between porn and rape. It seems that there is little foundation for such an idea. Oh, it all fits in nicely with Dr. Helen's little essay and I find myself in the dubious position of defending pornography and free speech on Good Friday.

But allow me to render unto Caesar this morning. The Tenebrae of our sufferings will arrive anon.

The Tea Party, and the Blogosphere, these social media of information, are nothing more than the collective frustration of the powerless discovering a voice. It's the generations of people who have always ranted at the Fourth Estate, yelled at their television, harrumphed at the newspaper editorial page, flung the Time magazine across the room, and wondered why the world was crazy. They secretly thought there must be something wrong with themselves for not buying the fairy tales and poisoned apples of the Press.

Other voiceless people in our nation's past had to hire the Media to champion their Civil Rights, with astounding results. But the hirelings, because they care not for the sheep, took the money and built an empire of political pornography and social engineering, perverting the natural order of healthy expression, suppressing Truth, and maligning those who quested for information. They have consistently been the ones who have been in an orgiastic thrall to Information and Power while telling the Children of Lady Liberty that it's way beyond their ken. We watch the strange bedfellows in their drunken dalliances and question what they're doing? Why, we're just too stupid and young to understand.

If we meet them as adults, accept no condescension and demand equal access we are now become monstrous and dangerous in the State-Run narrative.

If Dr. Helen is correct in the likely assumption that freedom of sexual expression and information has had the opposite effect, i.e., a calming of the baser instincts, then it would behoove our "betters" to let Freedom run its course in the Internet. To suppress free speech and squelch information seems to be a danger that the Left is welcoming into their ever-tightening circle of Media manipulation. Perhaps they know this.

If we know that they know it, and that they welcome its eventuality, how do we circumvent the ever-narrowing funnel they would force us into?

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al, have no power but that which they have paid for, or has been granted to them. And the marginally better representatives have no fear but the fear of their lord, the Media. They have no connection with the communities they represent, so image is everything they have to sell, and they either pay for a certain image, subject to a useful one, or sell their soul for it.

They say pornography is the largest industry in the world. I well believe that bit of information. I might posit that drugs are the second largest. Herewith, in Washington D.C. we have the unholy union of them both: The control of Information and the Power to steal at gunpoint.


How fitting that Pravda provides the now-grizzled wisdom of adults who, with age, have been robbed of the hurly-burly passion of promiscuous politics and have now settled down to a healthy relationship with a good woman they once scorned in their hedonistic youth: capitalism.
Even the Soviets never created such idiocy. The great famine of the late 1920s was caused by quite the opposite, as the Soviets collectivized farms to force peasants off of their land and into the big new factories. Of course this had disastrous results. So one must ask, are the powers that be in Washington and London degenerates or satanically evil? Where is the opposition?
Yeah, Mr. Obama. I'll tone it down when Pravda does.


Yeah, I'll tone it down when Obama's foreign policy does.

I'll tone it down when Rep. Emanuel Clever quits lying.

Heh. I'll tone it down when Iowahawk does.

Oh, and I'll tone it down when William Douglas, Sam Stein and the HuffPo do.


Joan of Argghh! said...

No, I am not making a statement about pornography. Just using the tools at hand. . . so to speak, in the debate about political speech, who would withhold it, for what purpose, and maybe try to use a bit of their own against them.

Anonymous said...

Love the moniker!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Uh. Okay.


Doux said...

heh, you tickle me.

You ever been in a fist fight, huckleberry? luv ya xo ;~)

jwm said...

Well said, Joan.
I predicted that the Ministry of Truth would disappear the Health care rape of America very quickly and do their best to distract the sheep with some shiny new story to take their minds off the screwing that's coming down the pike. Well, we've got the arrest of nine dangerous militia members to remind us of what the evil right wing is really about. I notice that there has been no report of any actual crime committed. They were just sorta' talking about maybe being ready to do something that may have been illegal- maybe. But that's enough, right? And we hear that teh preznit is going to drill for oil!
Well, not really. In four years they may open up some off-shore tracts, after closing far more territory to exploration. But god forbid we should disturb some stupid fucking caribou in the arctic wastelands of Alaska to provide jobs, oil, and energy independence. And of course. Free speech is just like pornography. We should allow those naughty boys to indulge in their secret nasty little pleasures. It's for their own good.