Apr 11, 2010

The Weatherman Gets an "A"

Having some of the few normal members of my family up in Charleston for the weekend meant we finally, after six months here, got around to doing touristy things for the last two glorious days. We enjoyed a nice walk South of Broad as we gawked at the homes and architecture. My brother is a professional building inspector so we had no end of official narrative as to the condition of each of the many gorgeous homes up for sale. We pretended to the airs of Old Money and spurned one mansion for its being held together by turnbolts on long pipes, another for the color of its shutters, yet another for its landscape lacking the necessary amenities of a single iron bench in the garden. Oh yes, we said to ourselves. We would buy that house except for the appalling lack of a gardener's quarters.

Charleston was in full glory with nothing less than their biggest home and garden tours, Spring Break's last weekend, the Farmer's Market in full swing, and a huge regatta that made the riverfront view as delightful as a balloon race when the boats came about and ran with the wind, their chutes as sassy and bright as the bankside gardens full of azaleas.

We had so much fun. No drama, lots of walking, good food, quiet conversations and lovely, beautiful scenery. No television and cool nights meant another bonfire, of course, to round out the weekend.

Being from Florida, we're kinda used to being bilked by cheesy and overpriced attractions of historic interest *I'm looking at you, Fountain of Youth* so we balked at the entrance fee to Charleston's Magnolia Plantation this morning, but found it to well worth the $15/per person. At least it was today. Glorious garden colors, long winding paths, cool breezes. Less than 10 miles from our home, it made for an outdoor cathedral of worship and appreciation of all things Good. I bet I've walked almost 7 miles in the last two days, just sightseeing.

The Holy City really, really showed me its best side this weekend, and it surpasses so many other Southern cities for elegance and congeniality that I highly recommend it. I swear, it was the first lovely weekend in six months and I'm so glad I was here for it.

Someone told me there was golf tournament this weekend? Is that right? How dull.


CGHill said...

I lived there for eight years, looked at everything I dared look at, and still get the urge to come back and see what I've missed.

Charleston has that effect.

patti said...

Charleston is a special place, and the very best thing to be found in wrong Carolina :)
Come on up here to the mountains of T-Rex's country and I'll show you the touristy spots we never go to - like that pricey mansion the poor branch of the Vanderbilt family constructed :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

I don't know if I can see myself here in eight years! I miss Florida's beaches and warmth.


"Wrong Carolina" is right!

Anonymous said...

ah yes the old lady does put on her finest shows in the spring.

James Old GUy

Anonymous said...

Ummm my momma said if I couldn't say anything nice, don't say anything at all (which so totally goes against my grain) so I will refrain from my opinion of the city. I will say it is prettier than Cloumbia and they do have spectacular she-crab soup. I will make a special trip just for a bowl every couple of months. I will catch the name of the place next time and let you know or better yet- meet you there- it's down by the Market.