Apr 7, 2010

You Have Never Read a Blog Post Like This In Your Life

Why the Blogosphere still kicks Twitter's ass. You just can't cram Barbies and dinosaurs and Green Army men and M72LAWs into a Tweet. You can't fit them all into any sort of story either, unless you're Laura.

You go. Now.


Anonymous said...

She frackin' cracks me up! Her, Sheri, Leeann. Good lawzy, I'd love to be in the same room with a BUNCH of you bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for the linkage there! My life always seems to revolve around an odd collection of things. This is probably one of the reasons why I'm not a very good Twitterer.

And thanks, jw.

LauraB said...

It was a terrific post, wasn't it? Cracked me up and I needed that laugh yesterday.

Doux said...

heh ;~)

patti said...

Laura rocks - oh yes she does :)

ZZMike said...

(For some odd reason, my browser hiccupped on the URL. Too many "http"'s. But easily rectified.)

Surely, she could have said that in 140 chrctrs r lss.

Dinosaurs. Whatta gal!