May 12, 2010

Ameliorating Puppy Love

Jaded Haven, true to the mind of its mistress, Daphne, alternately alights on a theme like a dragonfly on the water, or rends it stem to stern with a ferocity to dismay the stoutest troll.

It's more than a talent to write like that. It's a channeling of Something Beyond, and I'm glad-- most very pleased-- when she yields to that prompting and writes a thing that has never been written so well:
I’ve been watching my boy, this second son of mine, venture into a place where soft hearts get crushed on the inevitable steps to manhood. I remember a raw-boned girl, Appalachia singing off her young skin with a sharp tang, a splash of freckles crossing her tawny cheeks, take my firstborn by the throat and slay him with her sweet love. A girl twelve years old, more capable and swift out of sheer, natural-born instinct, commanded his heart with fluid ease and treated it gently. She hadn’t yet learned to do otherwise.
I like where she goes with this, taking on the pervasive derogatory attitude some adults tend to have toward a young man's first brush with love. If you're the mother of a son, you will appreciate her tender care for her man-cubs.

Yeah, just go ahead and put her on your RSS feeds and you can bypass the schlock here for something a bit . . . more.


LauraB said...

Damn it, she's good, no? And that post ought to be required reading for any parent. Just an amazing talent...

Anonymous said...

Yours is not schlock, dear.

I've seen several signs of excessive self-deprecation and I must say it's unwarranted.

You matter, as does your blog.

Now, heads up and march!!!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Now see here, Anon! It's quite unwarranted to do a drive-by and bark orders at me and not tell me who you are!!

Moreover, I'll be insecure and depressed if I wanna be.


sheri said...

I wish I could write like that, and like you Joan. Seriously. Blows me away.