May 14, 2010


Feh. What to write, and why would I? I need to quit dreaming and get back to my art. Here's a saucy number for a Friday night. She sold as soon as I framed her and put it on the wall in my long-lost studio/gallery:

Click to get entire pic. (Fixed the embiggen issue.) I bet that some of you didn't know that if you click on my sidebar picture you can see that I haven't added a thing to my portfolio in almost five years.



Anonymous said...

Aw hell, getting a 403 when I click on the big white empty space there. But I hear you about the writing/blogging thing. I don't have "art" to get back to, though, really. I think my "art" is being annoying in writing. Yeah that's it.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Yeap...need to fix the permissions.

julie said...

Five years?! Far too long. I hope you can get back to it some time soon.

And your lady friend there, she is loverly; I can see why she was snapped up so quickly.

Jean said...

It would be a wonderful thing to know you are creating again.
This piece is most beautiful.

Omnibus Driver said...

Take a class. That'll get you motivated.

You're far too talented to not be creating beauty.


Just do it.

Anonymous said...

Saw this article in this morning's Los Angeles Times and it made me think of you. Something I thought you'd appreciate.

Blind man in Paris creates visions,0,7763175.story

Joan of Argghh! said...

L: I did visit a beautiful art studio not far from here. Classic painting techniques. I have all the supplies, but a class is always the very best catalyst for growth.

Anon, thank you for that. I found that I had a knack for selling my own paintings and drawings by creating an entire story of its arrival, or of the model, or of my mood and inspiration. I was practically my own tour guide of my inner self. I might have expanded on the theme, so to speak, in order to spark interest.

I had other artists in my studio. One went on to certain fortune, a national contract, if not fame. You never know.

WR said...

That is really interesting! Keep at it!!!

John Venlet said...


Wonderful piece, though I would describe it as languid, rather than saucy, and enjoy it being displayed on one of my walls.

I think you should create a piece, in the medium shown, and auction it right from here. I would've bid on the piece shown.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks all, and John, welcome back. I'd do what you say except that to ship a professionally framed, hermetically sealed work, with shipping frame and insurance, the starting bid would have to be about $400 just to cover costs.

Do I hear $500? There's more at my sidebar pic/link.


daphne said...

I'll buy the next one you draw, woman.

Exquisite work.

Headed over to the sidebar right now...and can't find your art.

Email me with a pointer, please.

Joan of Argghh! said...

It's the ivy covered me, in stone, on the sidebar!

PeggyU said...

Beautiful, Joan! :)

Please tell me what you did to get over artist's block. I haven't drawn in forever either, and I think I should do it before I lose it entirely!

John Venlet said...


Thanks for pointing to your work. Heading to the river, so I've only quickly perused, but my eye has been intrigued.

Sculpture, too, I note.