May 22, 2010

The Gift of the MadGuy

Oh, darlings! If you are sick and tired of the Internet and politics and shallow things, never forget that transcendence and beauty may still be only a click away. If your curiosity hasn't been completely jaded by link after disappointing link, if you click nothing else today, please click over to The Doorway Buck and read The Gift of the MadGuy. Just. oh!

It is especially for anyone with a loved one who is serving, or has served in the military. But it is for the boy in every man.

CM Sackett is the same of The Art of Manliness website forum.

I hate myself for having lost track of this wonderful writer. I attempt redemption by linking him now. Go.


julie said...

Thanks, Joan - that was beautiful.

kdzu said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.
I'm speechless.

Brigid said...

Wonderful. Thank you for that.