May 12, 2010

Happy Ending to Piracy Attempt

Dead pirates floating in the water.

Western officials were very surprised when the Russian authorities dropped plans to put the pirates on trial in Moscow, the BBC's Richard Galpin reports from Moscow.

Now there is even more surprise the pirates were set adrift in the Indian Ocean to make their own way home, he adds.

I'm sure the boat was a sound vessel. I'm sure the batteries in the signal beacon were fresh. I'm sure the C4 charge was dry. . .

The Russians may be many things, but they have historically never suffered an identity crisis. At their core, their blood runs quite chilly.


One person at the book-signing asked the good captain if the piracy problem wasn't due to over-fishing in the ocean leaving people with no other choice of survival. He answered very straightforwardly that it was not destitution, it was thuggery. As an example, he cited the fact that Haiti, in all its penury, has never resorted to piracy as a state policy. Somalia uses it because it is a small-risk investment with large returns. Max noted that dead bodies in the water is likely the only deterrent.

h/t to the SeaBlogger.


mushroom said...

I just love a happy ending.

"Every time a Kalashnikov rings, a Somalia gets his wings."

joated said...

I paused to wonder at the start why the Russians took 10 pirates prisoners. Perhaps they only wished to ask them some questions first.

At least there are now 11 fewer Somali pirates.

diamond dave said...

*happy dance*

Best news I've heard all week. We should endeavor to handle such affairs more like the Russians. It's the only "diplomacy" the Somali pirates will understand.