May 24, 2010

Here's What It's Gonna Sound Like

[Update: I was looking for this link while writing this because it is what set me off. Dr. Zero's The Feral Vanguard.] A must-read.

Teachers, all public union workers, civil servants, government employees and every postal worker I meet henceforth will be cheerfully asked if they plan on firebombing me when I can no longer support their greedy pensions and fat paychecks. I want them to think about where their union leaders are leading them.

My neighbors will be asked as well, "will you firebomb me, or attack me when I run out of money and energy to support your welfare, your children, or their education?" I want them to consider where their support for class warfare is taking them; the logical end of such madness is chaotic violence. Real warfare. Like we've seen in Greece. Like we're seeing such already. Planned, supported by, and carried out by agents of our overlords in D.C. and seemingly directly(or indirectly, like it matters) connected to our President. Didja ever . . .?

I just want to know where the lines are falling, as fall they must.

I plan on asking. I plan on making some people think. They're not going to read it here, but they're going to hear it there, on the street, in the store, at work, wherever.

I'm not gonna be silent.


Yabu (POBAR) said...

Me either.

mushroom said...

I used to think that Americans are "better than that". I still think most of them are out here where I live, but that's not going to save anybody in Chicago, New York, Houston, or Lost Angles.

The private sector continues to decline while our boy Barry grows government. When the only available jobs are state jobs, where will the workers' loyalties lie?

We're fixin' to get screwed.

'mouse said...

Y'know, Joan, you got me thinking about bloated government and how I'm supporting all these deadbeats and stuff, so I looked at my extremely large tax bill for 2009. I'm in that ugly stratosphere where most of the write-off and deductions have phased out and I'm paying at least 10x or 20x or more compared to the government services I use directly or indirectly. I'm self-employed so I get to pay both sides of the Social Security contribution.

Y'know what? My combined state and federal bill, comparing total taxes paid to raw, gross $ made is a mere 21% This is far less than I paid under your Ronnie Raygun when I was a starving college student.

I just can't get real offended that someone can do 20 years in the military and 20 years in the police force and then retire comfortably or that teachers can work in shitty jobs for years but in exchange get a reasonable retirement package. (I am offended with dumb tenure rules and hate unions for that stupidity but that's a different rant).

Greek taxes are 40% in the upper brackets on top of a 10-20% VAT.

I'll believe Obama has turned me into a Euro-socialist-pussy the moment I decide not to work harder and earn an extra dollar because 50% of what I make goes to The Man. At 21% I'd happily pay more for shorter lines at the DMV and better salaries (and even pensions) to attract good teachers judges, prosecutors, etc.

Seriously, Joan, what was *your* total raw tax rate (gross income to actual taxes paid) for 2009?

Rob said...

Perhaps any Iranians who meet you should ask you whether you plan on firebombing them if and when they build a nuclear reactor for themselves.