May 4, 2010

"If anyone asks, I'll be over here buried in biscuits and gravy until late May. "

That's the latest email I got from LeeAnn, who writes from a secret location where she is a victim of forced labor. However she is only being held hostage by the fringe benefits of pampering and sawmill gravy so how bad can moving furniture be? She's mostly out of contact and I suspect she's enjoying it way too much.

Seems there's a plethora of anti-social behavior out in the blogs:

The Hippie Cops are coming for Sheri. She has touched the third rail of corporate branding offense: mockery. So if we don't hear from her, I'll suspect she's shopping a lawyer. Or being roughed up by nancy-boys in their khakis and crocs. Hey, if the Mormons can find her house behind all the privacy hedges, I'm sure the patchoulie patrol can, too.

Laura is planning on a restraining order from George Clooney's lawyer. Hilarity or habeas corpus --or maybe both-- are in play.

Jean is just plain breakin' bad. Rules are for fools and Jean is tired of both.

Froth is toeing the line of domestic tranquility by outing Mr. Froth's sesame seedy past.

The Trooper's Gal is reveling in non-conformity. She's definitely not a joiner. It's a Texas thing?

Daphne is under the influence of too-many-idiots-so-little-time syndrome, but as she also is from Texas (almost seeing a pattern here). Her antipathy is well-aimed at the Pacific Northwest.

Go click 'em or don't. As if I care.


Jean said...

Ha! Thanks for the linkage, galfriend.
'scuse me while I go read all those fine ladies.


(this hurts me but you will chuckle-
wv: dicat)

Teresa said...

Excellent - so glad everyone is having a good time... eventually I'll have a chance to come up for air and actually blog. In the meantime it's good to know others are keeping things going. LOL.

Kim said...

You bad thang, you! I was trying to come up with something half as pithy or pissy or pretty as you write and I'm running blank right now.

Anonymous said...

LeeAnn is sure missed. Sigh. Thanks for the link and the update!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the restraining order has been extended. Oh well, VIVA LA MY LOVE FOR GEORGE!

Thanks for the linkage : )

LauraB said...

Good Lord, I wish half my scribbles were as artfully composed as your link whoring missive.

And mixed in with that regal "peloton"? I am not worthy.

Dick said...

Went over to a couple of those girls' sites and they have comment moderation.

Too bad, cause one or two of 'em can actually write.

Daphne said...

You are one tight package, Joan.

Get down my way, you best stop in for a meal, drinks and happy conversation.