May 19, 2010

Imagine Tyranny. I Wonder If You Can.

A comment left elsewhere. Seriously, I should've just written a blog post. I never know what will set me off:

Much of the unspoken pseudo-religious intent of the progressives is John Lennon's ImagineNation of no borders or boundaries. Ever. At all. Anywhere. Even personal ones. (Can we all agree to stay clothed, please? At least that?)

Their Ultimate Utopia is one that makes no demands on the individual and dreams of everybody just getting along, flowing into and out of each others' bank accounts, houses, relationships and bodies. The idea of ownership is anathema unless they are the ones doing the owning-- er, . . . "caretaking" of all the resources. So borders, ownership, and personal accrual of goods or property are all concepts that will be targeted in their quest for power over the individual. So consumed are they with their self-delusional vision that sexual age limits will be the next boundary to be conquered, for they truly imagine no limits to their licentious nature. Indeed, that area is already under assault, thanks to our educational system and NAMBLA. [Update: it has begun in our courts, naturally.]

The opposing and equally dubious power struggle by those who want it all for themselves and could care less how they come by it works from the other side much more quietly and perhaps more effectively. At some point in the last decade, these two forces have allied themselves against the middle, who were busy minding their own business-- which, it turns out, was silly and wrong of the middle. Wrong and wasteful and narrow and bigoted and evil and stupid.

If I'm exhausted just thinking about it, think of how long and how many hours and days and years of devilment and planning it has taken to get us to this point.

I don't think that, among people who just want to be left alone to pursue their own lives, there is that much patience and dedication to running the lives of others. I think that by our nature, we are subject to suffer at the hands of those who have nothing better to do or think about, but how they may control and manage the lives of others.

You meet these sorts every day: they never once give an inward thought as to why they are unhappy, so assured are they that all of their problems flow from people they can't control. When these naifs meet up with political puppeteers who know how to properly groom such shallow minds, the result is Congress.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine used to say "There are plenty o' people who'll run your life if you let 'em." Gah. I know.

". . . flowing into and out of each others' bank accounts, houses, relationships and bodies." That gave me chills right there.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Feel the tingle? That's how you know it's working!

Trust me on this, though. It's exactly what they want.

mushroom said...

I was talked into going to see "Reds" back in the day. It's part of the reason I have never watched another movie with Diane Keaton or Shirley's brother in it. Early in that picture is one scene where Reed leaves his apartment unlocked with a little sign that tells people to walk in and take whatever they want because private property is evil or some such.

I'm sure all the maroons who worked on that stupid movie practiced exactly that kind of "openness".

Sal said...

I've always used "Reds" as an example of someone who had found his vocation (writing) and then eschewed it for one that wasn't his (political organizing). And it killed him. So there.

My eldest d. is dealing with one of those people in, of all places, the PTA. It's like a microcosm of Washington, although the other mommies, who have actual lives and no desire to control anyone other than their own children, have more gumption than Congress and are blocking their despised new prez at every turn.

Anonymous said...

At their commencement, the George Washington University students got an earful from the Hectoress-in-Chief - discussed here:

No one is immune from their attempts to manage and manipulate.