May 30, 2010

Remembrance is Survival

Richard Fernandez has a sober post about memory and surviving our "selfish mutant":

In a society without traditions the “free riders” may gain ascendancy and even suppress history to aid their increase. Gradually they may destroy a society’s capacity for mutual altruism and take it over for themselves. Yet even so their victory may be short-lived. Within their mutation lie the seeds of their own downfall. For “if the pathogen’s virulence kills the host and interferes with its own transmission to a new host, virulence will be selected against.” Eventually they kill the host and then themselves die.
I was pondering that post again as Gerard Van der Leun linked it, when out of the blue my long-estranged brother emailed me this fine example of teaching children to remember the vital lesson of liberty's cost. I hope you enjoy the simplicity of what an amazing teacher gave to his students when he taught them to sing this song:

Even after many years of disconnect, it's important to remember family. And to survive you may want to add God and Country. The Enlightened Elite may scoff at such simplicity and backward sentiment, but they will not live long enough to see their Utopian dreams fulfilled. Ever.

We already have, in the glow of Freedom's holy light.

May we all be worthy of the sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joan. ~Jimmy

Pascal Fervor said...

I too was moved to expand Wretchard's commentary by his concluding observation. It stresses how our freedom is dependent upon remembering the heroics and the moral fiber that underlay it.

I went on to show how the opposite is what the Statists have worked relentlessly to inculcate in the citizenry. It aids in thwarting any resistance that tries arise above the inertia common to conservatives (something akin to what you observed at my site yesterday),

I also noticed rather late that Wretchard's title has a subliminal Freudian Typo in it. He'll probably fix it, but the address to the essay will retain the reminder.

Doux said...

Easier, even then, the way of dim memory, is how I will prepare for you. ;~|

Joan of Argghh! said...

Where's that quote from, Doux? I've read it somewhere, yes?

CGHill said...

Lovecraft. (Source.)

I'd be almost certain you'd read it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

No, I never have. It seems I should!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thank you Joan for a most inspirational post that truly honors the sacrifice our heroes have and still are making so that we may enjoy our lives and liberties.

If Obama could bow as deeply to the men and women who rest at Arlington as deeply as he bowed to the king/dictator of Saudi Arabia, I might be able to muster a speck of respect for him.

patti said...


CM Sackett said...

Outstanding, Joan... simply outstanding. Thank you for sharing with us what your brother found for you.

CM Sackett

f/zero said...

Right. On.