May 25, 2010

Shall I Put That Down as a No?

Or as a No, but with a nodding approval and sympathetic understanding for the plight of the SEIU's thugs? Like Saul of Tarsus, I'm guessing he'll just hold everyone's cloak while they stone me.

Since I've begun asking questions, and since 'mouse has been checking in here more and more as his President's plans are taking form and taking over, I was not surprised that he finally had enough.

That's the good of finding out where the lines are drawn. From what I can ascertain, 'mouse himself is not beholden to the public sector for his income and is quite content with his taxes, as he counts them:
Y'know, Joan, you got me thinking about bloated government and how I'm supporting all these deadbeats and stuff, so I looked at my extremely large tax bill for 2009. I'm in that ugly stratosphere where most of the write-off and deductions have phased out and I'm paying at least 10x or 20x or more compared to the government services I use directly or indirectly. I'm self-employed so I get to pay both sides of the Social Security contribution.

Y'know what? My combined state and federal bill, comparing total taxes paid to raw, gross $ made is a mere 21% This is far less than I paid under your Ronnie Raygun when I was a starving college student.

I just can't get real offended that someone can do 20 years in the military and 20 years in the police force and then retire comfortably or that teachers can work in shitty jobs for years but in exchange get a reasonable retirement package. (I am offended with dumb tenure rules and hate unions for that stupidity but that's a different rant).

Greek taxes are 40% in the upper brackets on top of a 10-20% VAT.

I'll believe Obama has turned me into a Euro-socialist-pussy the moment I decide not to work harder and earn an extra dollar because 50% of what I make goes to The Man. At 21% I'd happily pay more for shorter lines at the DMV and better salaries (and even pensions) to attract good teachers judges, prosecutors, etc.

Seriously, Joan, what was *your* total raw tax rate (gross income to actual taxes paid) for 2009?

Now the first thing that hit me was the projection of his personal anecdote onto such as myself. I'm not sure what he imagines my lifelong fiscal status to be, and I'm not sure it matters, anecdotes being, well, anecdotal to the larger issue. [If I were to venture a guess, it would likely be that my entire rented living space would fit into 'mouse's rec room. See how that works as a self-righteous and indefensible dig? Who cares what the issue is? 'Mouse is a well-heeled lawyer! See how easy this guilt-tripping crap is?]

Second, we apparently must leave off the myriad hidden taxes paid by every citizen who buys a car, house, DVD player, electricity, or fuel, and pays impact fees, zoning laws, property taxes, vice taxes, sales taxes, commuter tolls, farm subsidies on products, and notwithstanding the larger personal taxes that that mean old Reagan exacted from him while his skull was still full of mush. Even so, 'mouse is still quite comfortable.

Now he trots out the military and police and every worthy and vital part of our public sector workers as proof that I'm a cold-hearted lass that has no understanding of their selfless dedication and work. As if I personally would deny them the comforts they've earned.

Well, even if that straw man bit were true, does it make me worthy of having SEIU thugs beat me up when my money is gone? I'm guessing it will be useless to call my lawyer. I'm obviously guilty because. . . ? Moreover, I am supposed to open my wallet, up to 50% worth apparently, with nary a complaint as to how the money is spent, and nary a question as to the intent of anyone who has use of it. 50% seems to be 'mouse's threshold of pain. I hope his clients find that out! I'm sure he would never pass off his tax burden to his clients and it has no bearing on his price scales. And I'm sure they would never consider paying his myriad business taxes with their hard-earned money.

If having met a payroll from both sides of the tax tables is an example, then I'll see his RR pout and raise it with my father's working two jobs to raise eight kids on an Navy CPO salary and finally having to close his private business during the days of LBJ and Jimmy Carter because it cost more to pay taxes on his longstanding TV repair business than was feasible. Oops! That was an anecdote, but it was repeated by the hundred-thousands back then.

My question, as it remains, is to people of good service or bad, vital necessity or adjunct corruption jobs, who are beholden to the corporate weal of our nation. I've asked it before, making quite clear my appreciation for the real use of my tax dollars: potable water, waste treatment, and a bit of order and protection. And even those could be private-sector provisions.

But there is one glaring, humongous, gaping, yawning abyss in 'mouse's argument. And just take his argument it for what it is, accept the ludicrous premise, accept that he is sympathetic to soft terrorism of private citizens (as evidenced in St. Louis, New Orleans, and now in PA) and think about where his comfort level is at this moment.

Anyone want to help out my dear detractor? What HUGE thing is he omitting (because I know he knows what it is, it's no lapse of thought, it's a sin of omission.)

And feel free to help Rob out, too from the same comments. He seems to think that redirecting the argument to Iran . . .

Now then, there was a whole lot of silliness here earlier that I have deleted along with the attendant comments from someone named Rob, about whom I made a flippant and feeble attempt at satirical humor. I deleted it not to cover up, but to amend a wrong and end it. I do not know Rob in any way, shape or other communication and any statement I made concerning his personal conduct was nothing more than a tired attempt at silliness. It was an attempt to play the disprove a negative card that failed. It offended him for real, and that was never my intent on that level. My intent is not important, what he took it to be is, and I am not so unfeeling as to not understand that. I apologize to Rob and hereby delete any and all comments or reference to the same.

I have offered to link to any argument of his own about Iran that he would wish to bring up on his own blog, where it would be more appropriate than in the comments of my blog post on a totally different topic. I will let you know if he so chooses.

[Update: Simple question: you gonna hit me when I run out of money? I just want to know. I have a feeling the good people on the Left are having a bit of a problem seeing themselves in the mirror of their ends-justifying-the-means philosophy. That whole cracking a few eggs thing. Nasty business.]


C.T. Lostaglia said...

This is a little tangential, but not by much. I know what you're talking about with the firebombing and whatnot, and I'm not trying to diminish that. I get it.

I have lost friends over this presidency and the advent of "in-your-face-race-baiting-socialistic-class-warfare-thuggery." You know, it starts as a little giggly disagreement... then that person(s) ignore you for your stance against this Ponzi-Marxism. I

t's not just friends, either. A very close family member of mine, who actually was one of those social revolutionaries in the sixties (albeit the rout she took was to get in the system and spew forth her rhetoric to your children; as opposed to say, joining the less effective Weather Underground) hasn't talked to me for months because I spoke out against Obama. That will not be tolerated, apparently. Of course, when I criticized Mr. Bush (pick one) no one all.

Alternative views--nay--a simple, philosophical "huh?" in this era of Thug Rule can hurt relationships. It really, really can. Why is this happening? I feel like I'm in the middle of the Inquisition and I woke up one day to find out...I'm the witch!

I've never seen anything like this in my entire 38 years. And I know you can say things like "well if they do this auto-rejection thing, they weren't your friends in the first place. Yeah, they were. They really were.

It's not just hitting and firebombing.

Erin said...

I see here you've responded somewhat to a comment by a previous poster... I'll respond to your response here, hoping you don't mind my doing so.

Perhaps you misunderstand what Rob is getting at.

Let me try to phrase what I take his comment to mean in a less direct fashion: If you're so opposed to the US government spending your money for you, effectively telling you how to live YOUR life or spend YOUR hard earned money, do you oppose that same government imposing those same restrictions on people other than you (i.e. the Iranians)?

CM Sackett said...


Those who have majored in contemplating their naval carry no weight in matters of more consequence than belly-button lint.


Those of shallow-to-no-character, who perceive no threat to THEMSELVES from the malevolent actions of their 'heroes' ("useful idiots" I believe a key example of that horrid gutlessness once called them)... have absolutely no twitch of conscience as the obvious results of that Malevolence bring hardship and destruction to the lives of those outside their "Magnificent Circle of Tolerance".

The beauty, AND the Terror of the Truth of it is... there's a helluvalot MORE of us outside that bubble, and we are AWAKE, Diligent and RESOLVED.

Isoroku Yamamoto was correct, and prophetic for this age as well ~

"I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."


CM Sackett

LauraB said...

I once challenged a coworker socialist to just take the cash from my purse right here, right fucking now. DO IT. His face went pale. I explained that he was doing the very same thing but merely putting the gun in the hand of an unknown assailant, keeping his hands clean.

And giving me no target.

It gave him pause but he still felt it was "fair". But what comes now? Oh, they'll be doing it right up front and personal-like. Their avarice will demand it. Because they've no pride to prevent it.

CM Sackett said...


Oh my... where is the giant "LIKE" button when you REALLY need it?!

Well said!
CM Sackett

Anonymous said...

I was in a discusion as a bar last weekend. A true friend who would give you the shirt off of his back, if need be. We have been good friends for 16 years. Lots of discussions on many things. Music, politics, clothing, just lots and lots of things.

He derided me for saying "Obamacare". I asked him if he would be willing to open his wallet, he said yes, I said how much do you have in there, He said, about 4 hundred bucks. I said ok, may I just take that 4 hundred bucks to help me pay for surgery on my knee? He said, Hell NO! I asked, why the hell not? He said because it was his money, not mine.

So then I asked him, would you expect me to give the contents of my wallet or bank account to help you if you needed knee surgery. He said yeah, but it would be because "I", meaning "him" was down and out.

I then asked him, " Is it right for me to put a gun to your head, for the money to satisfy my needs?" He said hell no! I said is it right for YOU to pupt a gun to my head to satisfy YOUR need?

Holy shit! He stormed out and swore that we were through. He no longer wants anything to do with me.

It's a sad loss, I suppose, but one I can live with.

Priority. I gots it.


Erin said...

JW, admittedly, people have a hard time recognizing the hypocrisy they, themselves are guilty of. And often they don't appreciate having the mirror of truth flashed before their faces. I'm surprised your friend's reaction wasn't worse, quite truthfully. I hope your friend comes to his senses.

Anonymous said...

LauraB, my capitalist pig brother used to say he felt like just mailing in his wallet to the IRS at tax-time, with a note, "Here. Just take what you need and send me back the wallet when you're done."

'mouse said...

You see, Joan, you've just illustrated the issue quite well. These last two years or so, you have changed a lot. You used to be a pleasant person who I'd enjoy being friends with despite having fairly different political views (tho we actually agree on a lot if you quit making blanket and wrongheaded assumptions).

Now you come across as strident, closed-mined, loud, opinionated and extremely unpleasant in your blog-based interactions.

I drop by sometimes for two different reasons: 1) In the hope you've found your way back to intelligent and productive discourse which I know know you are capable of, and 2) to rubberneck the trainwreck of crazy if you haven't.

Ugly, divisive extremism aside, you're still a hell of a writer. Your talents are wasted talking to your echo chamber. If you want to put your serious chops to good use, you'd figure out a way to talk to me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

'mouse, I replied in kind to your comment, your attitude, your condescension. Is that so hard for you to imagine that you came across as you did? You imagine my situation to be as yours, you imagine me a financial peer, you imagine that I have never run a business or owned a home or understand how the world works. You sound like my President: scolding and condescending.

I mean, I know you live in a world where people pay you for what you know, but I don't think you understand how to talk to people who wouldn't pay 2 cents for what you think.

Also, the redirect is a great debating tactic against small minds that would be led, but it doesn't fly in the real world.

Better a harsh word for my critics than a vindictive and criminal deed such as elicited the original post.

Again, here we have a young boy home alone, a mob at his doorstep, an indifferent if not complicit Authority, a truly intimidating, dishonest, and shrieking crowd is an ugly thing. It's hard for me still to take in what I witnessed.

I express my reaction to it: to ask questions that make people in the public sector think about their ultimate choices, to think about where their money comes from, to think about where their anger is leading them, and the best you can do is chide me because you personally don't feel a pinch? Forgive me as I look elsewhere than your ivory tower for inspiration.

Yes, I see. I am the monster.