May 13, 2010

This Blog is Dead, But the Hills of Italy Are Alive


h/t to the Internet Caretaker.

Talk about plummeting property values! And disappearing lot divisions. . .

Whatever happened to the psychology of boundaries? Don't we all remember the self-help books and Dr. Phil episodes and even Cesar Milan's dog whispering?

We could argue, like Robert Frost's neighbor, that good fences make good neighbors as a template for border security. It doesn't mean we don't like or interact with or even share with our neighbor on the other side of that fence, it means that we are a sovereign individual with a sovereign Will that must be entreated, befriended, tolerated or warred with, whatever the other side chooses.

Have you met adult people without social boundaries and suffered their ministrations to your unspoken needs, shortcomings, bad habits and intrusions? Then you've met a Progressive Liberal Marxist Communist.


The exhausting energy it takes to control everyone is what keeps government hacks and the East Coast intelligentsia occupied. No wonder they feel like they're doing something. They have to stay up at night to devise so many ways to make people miserable. That's why they think it's what the rest of us are doing. But we're not. We're just trying to mind our own business and work and raise kids and stay out of the Eye of Sauron.

Not for nothing did your grandmother say, "an idle mind is the devil's plaything." Is it any wonder that the Tea Party flag is the Gadsden Flag? "Don't Tread On Me" is all we ask. It's not about getting along, it's about being left alone to merely exist according to our individual dictates and our common necessities.


Mongol. A really cool flick available on DVD. It's kind of like Batman Begins for Genghis Kahn.



Mizz E said...

I do love shouting Italians, seriously - thanks!!!

julie said...

Holy Schniekes!

I grew up in an area where that kind of thing was always a potential threat, but we never saw a slide on that scale.

Suddenly, the ground under the feets doesn't seem so reassuringly stable.

sheri said...

Weird, man, my blog is dead too. Something in the water.