May 28, 2010

Tweeting The Chavez

Hugo Chavez is tweeting!

Big Government is sending you on a mission.

You know what you must do: Tweet him until he blocks you.


May the Force be with you. Or something.

Point of order: In Spanish, the letters "ch" together are called the "Che". It is always pronounced with the hard sound, like Chuck. And the "z" is always an ess sound unless it's after an em sound. And the "h" in Hugo is silent.

If you can't remember all that, just pronounce it grapesqueezer, asshat, Idi Amin of the New World, Sean Penn's Wet Dream. . .


Doux said...

heh ;~)

Sal said...

Why do tyrants think everyone loves them and wants to 'friend' them?
Because if everyone doesn't, they can kill them?

("Edi" = "Idi")

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he would enjoy being called a FUCKERITO MUY MALO Y ESTUPIDO?

Joan of Argghh! said...

"Idi" yes, thanks! I usually blog in the last 5 minutes before I leave for work so that explains all sorts of things, I guess.


dick said...

I prefer his personal website.