May 9, 2010

Van Morrison and Verizon Wireless Amphitheater: Can you hear me now?

Van the Man was awesome. Incomparable and peerless, relaxed and . . . awesome.

The VWA venue in Alpharetta sucked canal water. Seriously. It was a lousy venue for the likes of Van and his promotions team should be canned for it. I do hope they made loads of money off of sardine-cramming as many people as possible into the most uncomfortable arrangements since the Black Hole of Calcutta.

Plus, the sound team couldn't get the sound up and balanced, or keep it from feedback until about halfway through the 90-minute concert.

Van had it dialed up to 11. Maybe I shouldn't blame mere mortal Union thug stage hands for not understanding that kind of genius.


f/zero said...

If anyone can transcend a sucky venue, it's Van.

wv: Color me aingich.