Jun 20, 2010

Big Butter (Touchdown!) Jesus and Me

Wherein I discover just this past week that:

a) there was ever such a thing as the Big Butter Jesus,
b) that the style of its rendering seemed vaguely familiar,
d) that, yep, as I suspected was true, I used to have an adjoining office to the designer and he used to have a bunch of maquettes around that looked like butter sculptures of Jesus.
e) that the statue was struck by lightning after even God got tired of it.
f) that there is a wonderful song that mocks the grotesque idol:


Anonymous said...

HA! HA! I always knew it as Touchdown Jesus. And oh lawd, they're going to rebuild it.

joated said...

Un-effin'-believable! Thanks for sharing the song, Joan. (I have got to find a station that carries Bob & Tom!)

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm just glad to have search hits from something other than my Miley Cyrus Father's Day post of a few years ago.