Jun 11, 2010

Chrome and Zone in a Battle to the Death

Which product will I dump first? Google Chrome or Zone Alarm?

They're not getting along. I blame Google Earth for the situation. Ever since I tried downloading that piece of crap, and then uninstalling the huge file, and then ZA insisting on a restart, well. . . that's the end of Chrome's ability to see the Intartubes. IE has no problem, so it's all on Google's intrusive part.

But, ack! I hate to go back to that memory hog, Firefox.

What next? Opera?



Bob said...

I gave up on Zone Alarm years ago, it was too intrusive and difficult to configure. Nowadays I use a combination of Microsoft XP's firewall (it's free, comes with service pack 2) and Microsoft Security Essentials for my antivirus (it, also, is totally free). No problems. For my netbook (an Eee 1000) I'm currently running Ubuntu.

mushroom said...

I haven't used ZA for years. However, Chrome and any Google app will install the insidious GoogleUpdater which needs to be removed from your registry. Chrome is a nice, fast browser. I uninstalled it and went happily back to Firefox. I use Bing instead of Google for searches. As stupid as Microsoft has been, it is not as bad as Google.

As far as memory goes, yes, right now my Firefox is sucking 144M, but it is mostly noticeable on opening. As long as you have at least a 1G physical memory it shouldn't be an issue most of the time. Chrome may use less memory,but it always, on my machine, had two instances running, and one remained even after I shut the browser down.

I haven't installed Opera since my last hard drive crash, having gone the Chrome route instead. I've always liked it as an alternative. Maybe I'll try it again.

Mad William Flint said...

Opera's actually gotten pretty slick. I use it about half the time.

Teresa said...

While I have a gmail account, I think that's all the data google needs from me. I don't need to give them ALL my contact info, or my calendar info, or my medical info. Nor do I need them totally controlling all my searches, my desktop or my browser. As far as I'm concerned after Eric Schmidt's (google CEO) comment:

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

I'm even reconsidering my gmail account. Then they just had all that big blinky eye'd "we didn't know any one would have a problem with it" attitude about them collecting data in drive by wifi situations.

I will just stay away from Chrome.

As for Zone Alarm. I finally got rid of it. It was good for a long time, but now I don't need it.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I finally found the toggle that was boggling my mind. Manage programs had google chrome blocked.

What's totally freaky is that I uninstalled chrome, cleared my cache, temp files, et al. Reinstalled Chrome and all my bookmarks and such are right there, still. Hmmmmm. . .

Joan of Argghh! said...

. . . and all my log-ins.

Yeah, maybe time to dump all things Google. Even Blogger.

CGHill said...

I have never experimented with Chrome, and given Google's new "Don't Be (Caught At Being) Evil" policy, I don't plan to.

I've had one problem with Safari: it renders the comment box at my site in the wrong dimensions, forcing it into the sidebar. (I haven't checked release 5 yet.)

Teresa said...

Joan - it probably put a profile file with all that info in another folder somewhere. I think if you went looking on their help site you'd be able to find where it is. Most browsers do that in case you need to uninstall and reinstall the main part of the program for some reason. That way you can get a clean install of a program without losing all your settings. Or even move to a new computer - bring the profile file along and it all works again.

Much as I hate to defend google in anything... that part is SOP. :-)

LauraB said...

Google is evil. Microsoft merely wants to twist your wallet dry. I shall take craven greed over malevolence any day.

And yes - I am looking forward to a blog sans Google...

Ed Rasimus said...

Firefox has never worked for me. The last iteration seemed OK, but then it tries to version update itself and goes south for good requiring reinstall. Chrome is not an attraction. Google is increasingly intrusive and I typically see fifteen or twenty "Google toolbar" entries apparently running in Outlook. Can't make them go away.

Zone Alarm went to the bit-bucket about a year ago. Resource hog and really slowing stuff down. The suites seem to handle what ZA did quite nicely.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I don't want to get into the Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux thing, but I've used Firefox since it was born from Mozilla. I like it. I've been driving a iMac for several years, and I use Safari as well. Safari is good medicine. I don't like IE for many reasons, number one being, you can't uninstall it. Part of the OS. That's fucked up.

Anyway, most applications are written to take advantage of boo coo RAM...I've got enough, and usually run two browsers and two email clients simultaneously, with no slowdown or performance issues.

Food for thought...the next computer you buy, I would seriously look at an iMac. They'll run under water. All the Mac OS is, is the best GUI built on top of *nix. Damn thing will boot in about 15 seconds...and will just run...I've never had an involuntary reboot...same goes for my Linux box. The main difference between Windows and *nix is: Windows has a "Registry" which is proprietary, and a pain is the ass to maintain. *nix uses text files to configure everything...easy to edit and much more efficient. Just my two cents.

Opera is cool, too...anything but IE works for me.

On an unrelated matter...I appreciate the comment you left over at Rocket Woman's...Thank you...made me smile.

Best to Pain...

Anonymous said...

Google creeps me out. Gooooooogle. Just look at it. Sitting there, watching you. Its eyes follow you across the room.



Daphne said...

I'm slightly retarded on these issues, as a Mac girl I've never encountered any problems with the software beasts or viruses stalking the general public.

I can't ride most of the highway on my Mac, but the roads I surf are clean sailing.