Jun 18, 2010

Done with Gmail. Done with Blogger. Done with Google Chrome. Done with Google.

I don't have the time to transfer my blog outta this format, but I'm going to give it a go this weekend.

So, if this blog suddenly disappears, and someone actually notices it, well . . . won't that be special?

See ya on WordPress soon. I've had an account there forever and mostly use it as an alternate for hosting pics that I want to post elsewhere.

I thought to roll it out on the Fourth of July to celebrate my independence from all things Evil, like Google, but the spoofed emails convince me I've been hacked. No time like the present.

'ta! Off to work.


sheri said...

Joan if you need help let me know next week. Not a WP dot com person but WP in general -- as in dot org -- can help not that you need or want it. Email me if you do tho'.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I'm with Sheri...I'll help you if you need it...you probably won't. I moved from to MT to WP at the end of last year...good decision.

Jean said...

All the big kids are doing it... making changes. You, LeeAnn, Elisson.
Good luck with the move. I'll knock when you announce the house-warming party.


Yabu (POBAR) said...

Also, If I were you, I would install and implement the following plugins.

DB Cache Reloaded
UTF8 Sanitize.

Good luck...you're gonna like WordPress.

PS...if you don't already have on...get a WordPress API key before you start converting...makes life easier. It's free...better to have one than not.

PeggyU said...

Good luck with the move, Joan. See you at your new place!

Will there be a blog warming party?

Mad William Flint said...

Yeah I've done the google bail shuffle as well. Still have 4 blogs to convert though. *ugh*

julie said...

Holy moly - I'm actually ahead of the curve on this one! I'm pretty sure that's a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Anyway, if you need help lugging those heavy posts around, I don't know much but can offer one more pair of hands. I won't even break too many things. Oh, and if you notice some of your artwork goes missing, I didn't do it.

Teresa said...

Spoofed emails? That doesn't sound good. Did someone break your email account and send out in your name? I hope you changed your password. Also make sure you connect (until you've gotten moved) using https to all things google. Anyone using google stuff should do this.

I do like WP better than blogger, but as long as the blog is there - I'm good with it all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Where's the wordpress account? Give us a link

Joan of Argghh! said...

Awesome comments, which I'm referencing as I work through this.

A link is forthcoming, when I have the place all nice and comfy. No fair peeking!

Froth said...

Please keep us posted. No pun intended. Really.

Retriever said...

Good luck. I've considered it, too, tho more because of others' troubles with Google than my own. What exactly was the last straw??

I have a place holder WordPress account that I have never done much with and find awkward to use at times. Also, don't want to deal with ads.

My main prerequisite is finding a better way to post pictures and have more control of layout. And not to be limited to 1 gb pictures.

sheri said...

Google has always creeped me out and this isn't helping my confidence levels in them.