Jun 29, 2010

I See an IRS Audit In His Future

And if Biden doesn't lower Scott Borkin's (and every small business owner's) taxes, I see a bill for $4.95 plus tax in Biden's mailbox. A revealing interview after the fact:

"Bite Me" Biden acts offended at the idea of lowering taxes like, "why would I want to do that?" The aristocracy is in full umbrage at the notion!

They would do well to remember that the little people can still fashion politically effective solutions from nothing more than a bit of lumber, rope and sharpened steel. The basket would be for our convenience, not their dignity.


Anonymous said...

Imagine how intimidating it would be to have the VP of the United States tell you not to be a "smart-ass." Like he's -- what? -- threatening you maybe just a little but? I dunno. I try to be in Kopp's shoes and that's what I keep feeling. Anyway, I'm glad Kopp said what he did. Sorta like Toto running over and pulling back the curtain and we got to watch the "wizard" get all flustered and pissy.

PeggyU said...

The arrogance is just beyond the pale these days. Have you seen this bit with Pete Stark?

patti said...

I'll take being called a smart ass by Biden anyday - as he is a world class dumb ass.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Biden's head is so far up his own idiotic ass he don't know diddly squat.