Jun 20, 2010

No Checkered Flag For GoDaddy's Web Hosting

Looks like either Wordpress.org has been hacked, or GoDaddy has, but the two of them aren't speaking to each other. I see that where WordPress had listed GoDaddy as a preferred web-host on Friday night, no longer does so this morning.

Wordpress.org's "Where to Start" page is a Nigerian email spam this morning. [I see they fixed it now!]

GoDaddy can't answer their phones in less than a 6-minute wait. It'a Maaaddddhouse!

Got my money back. I'll give it a go in another couple of weeks. I have no time between now and mid-July.

They don't call 'em the Intartubes for nothing.


LeeAnn said...

That's pegged the suck meter. I wonder which one it is. I'm glad you at least got your money back.
My big plans up to mid-July and beyond are not spontaneously combusting or seizing up with infinite Crazy Joan Heads.

pamibe said...

GoDaddy is great for purchasing domains but is notorious for their poor quality/service as hosts.

Hope you succeed in wresting yourself from their clutches.

sheri said...

My hosting device is spectacular and I now register domains thru them as well. Email me if interested.

Dick said...

I use GoDaddy for hosting and quickblogcast.com for posting on BDP and my business website.
For my book's website (yea me!) I still use GoDaddy, but Joomla was installed to make it all purty and flowery and shit.

The folks at GoDaddy are very cool, and usually a big help whenever I need them, so be patient, as it'll pay off.
Then you can post nekkid broads, just like me:)

Anonymous said...

I have only puchased domain names through GoDaddy. They've always been cool with me...but you don't want to hear that do you? I wouldn't. I would want to hear about someone putting some voodoo on them and hurting them. Well, okay, maybe that's just me.

Teresa said...

I'm using the same service Sheri is - so far so excellent! Very helpful when I've asked questions. Of course my main blog doesn't use either domain name I purchased, but if I can find the time (yeah right) I want to set up smugmug as my main site and link it to my blogs... or something like that. LOL.

I couldn't figure out Go Daddy. Way way too much crap on their pages - I didn't have the time or energy to wade through it all. Good luck finding something that works! There are lots of hosts out there - check around.

pst314 said...

"GoDaddy can't answer their phones in less than a 6-minute wait."

Oh well, at least that's better than Comcast's "over 24 hours to return a call".

camilyn said...

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