Jun 15, 2010

Still Semi-Conscious

And I'm still unmedicated, but will soon remedy that and wind down. The day's stresses are still seeking an outlet so I shall post until the dials go back under eleven.

I think Etheridge is the worst sort of age-ist. You know he treated those college men the way he did because he disrespected their youth. That kind of shittiness from good ol' boy patriarchs makes for the great "authentic" Southern voice in the memoirs of the sons of the South. I half expect Vman to weigh in with wistful anecdotes. I also wonder if Etheridge's grown kids saw the video and nodded in sad understanding of the heavy hand. That all came too quick and natural for the man. He got shook like a seltzer bottle and what is really inside him came out under the pressure.


I stole this pic from Westsound Modern (where Morgan makes a brilliant observation in the comments) because I think it to be the perfect summary of Obama the man: juvenile, and tremendously able to suck at every opportunity, Mr. I can't suck it all up with a straw. Well, he could try.

Okay, I now have a drink that would knock Obama on his ass. (It's helping, Fran, honest!)


One other thing I heard on Bob&Tom this morning: it costs 5 cents to make a dime, and it costs 10 cents to make a nickel. Seizing opportunity, Obama has ordered the making of 350 million nickels in order to stimulate the economy. I LoL'd.


Froth said...

I think Etheridge was semi-hammered in that video.

Anonymous said...

Try Music Man Barbque, Monks Corner, don't miss the band.
Its downtown, well if you can find downtown.

Fellow SC type person