Jun 10, 2010

Thursday Cafeteria Offering: Meatloaf

Just because:


mushroom said...

I'm sorry I couldn't really enjoy it. Open flame near Meatloaf makes me think "grease fire".

Jean said...

He's been a favorite for years. Very sad when he passed.

Sal said...

He's still alive. Are you perhaps thinking of Chris Farley?

Nice performance. When eldest d. was in drill team, we once went to a competition where 5 out of the 7 solo contestants chose that song as their music. By the time the last unfortunate little gal took the floor, we were having a sing-along in the stands.
Drill team is mean that way.

Jean said...

Color me embarrassed, Sal. I swear he was reported to have passed away from cancer in TX earlier this year.
I will admit to being happy that I'm wrong. Thanks for correcting.