Jun 19, 2010

Working on Saturday

Meh. GoDaddy is holding my new site hostage for 24 hours.

So, I'm at work trying to catch up on things. Amazing how much you can get done when everyone else isn't hogging all the copiers!



useless update: still later. GoDaddy is still holding everything hostage. I'm very nicely told I'm "in line" and I must be patient. Meanwhile, my weekend is disappearing under the crush of coming company, birthdays, anniversaries and events.

I guess I'll camp out at Blogger one more week, though it kills me to do so.


CGHill said...

I can say only this: when I moved my site to DreamHost in late 2001, the time between handing over my Visa card number and going live with the site was approximately one hour, 50 minutes of which was spent uploading files.

(WV: botoxalo. It's a fruit that tightens your skin surface.)